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Tech Days 2017

Mirror Tech/SBIR/STTR Workshop 2017

Tuesday – November 14th, 2017
Mirror Tech/ SBIR/ STTR Workshop 2017
Government Technology Needs (OPEN)
00StahlNASA WelcomeNASA
01GrantCollaborative Opportunities within NASA’s STMD PortfolioNASA
02ThronsonNASA’s Physics of The Cosmos and Cosmic Origins Program Office: Investments to Enable Future NASA Strategic Astrophysics MissionsNASA
03CrillTechnology Needs for Exoplanet Exploration ProgramJPL
04BolcarTechnology Needs for LUVOIRNASA
05DipirroTechnology Needs for OSTNASA
SBIR Workshop (OPEN)
06LewisPost-Reauthorization SBIR Technology Infusion and CommercializationJPL
07ShaklanSBIR Topic S2: Advanced Telescope SystemsJPL
08StahlSBIR Subtopic S2.03 Advanced Optical Systems and Fabrication/Testing/Control Technologies for EUV/Optical and IR Telescope overviewNASA
09ShiriSBIR Subtopic S2.03 Advanced Optical Systems and Fabrication/Testing/Control Technologies for EUV/Optical and IR Telescope overviewNASA
Additive Manufacturing Mirror Technology (OPEN)
10KashalikarAmorphous Si claddings are deposited at low temperatureSurmet
11CarnahanOptical and Infrared absorbance of nanotube based, optical black coatings and paintsNanoLab
12WalkerEELT Prototype Mirror Segments and Beyond – Large Optics and AutomationZeeko;
Additive Manufacturing Mirror Technology (OPEN)
13CasstevensAdditive Manufactured Very Light Weight Diamond Turned Aspheric MirrorDOS
14Goodman3D Printed Silicon Carbide Scalable to Meter-Class Segments for Far-IRGoodman Tech
15HarrisonAdditively Manufactured, Thermally Stable Telescope Mirror SubstratesASTS
16SchaedlerAdditive manufacturing of polymer derived ceramicsHRL
Mirror Technology (OPEN)
17LumpkinsSilica-Silica Mirror Substrate Fabrication TechnologyMentis
18EasterLarge-Scale, Low Cost, Molded SiOC Mirror ComponentSemplastics
19HardestyMatching NiP on Be-38Al for Low Temp MirrorsPeregrine
Optical Metrology Technology (OPEN)
20MatthewsDevelopments in Non-Contact Metrology and Data AnalyticsOptipro
21North-MorrisHigh Speed Interferometry for Evaluating the Vibrational Response of Mounted JWST Segments4D
22OlczakPHAST: Phased Holographic Aspheric Stitching TechniqueHarris
23MarkovRendering of Spatio-Temporal Dynamic of Deformable MirrorsAS&T Inc.
Wednesday – November 15th, 2017
Stable Telescope Technology (OPEN)
24LivasOptical Telescope for the LISA Gravitational Wave ObservatoryNASA
25SaifUltra-Stable Structures: Develop & Character using Spatial Dynamic MetrologyNASA
26HardestyAdvanced Athermal TelescopesPeregrine
27HanOptical characterization of 300 mm SiC mirrors due to thermal variatinosKASI
28MonroeNew Developments in Allvar AlloysAllvar
29FischerUltra-Stable Zero-CTE HoneySiC and H2CMN Mirror Support StructuresASCM
30CatanzaroLightweight, Stable Optical Benches in Silicon Carbide and BerylliumCFE
Telescope & Instrumentation Technology (OPEN)
Free-Form Optics (OPEN)
31ConkeyFreeform Optics for Optical Payloads with Reduced Size and WeightVoxtel
32BauerAnalyzing Aberration Fields of Three-mirror Telescope and Correcting them Using Freeform Zernike SurfacesUoR
33PapaFour-Mirror Freeform DesignUoR
34HorvathOptomechanical Design and Fabrication of a Snap Together Freeform TMA TelescopeUNCC
PosterMatthewsFreeform ManufacturingCFEOtipro
35CatanzaroSTOP modeling and Wavefront Sense / Control In support of GHAPSCFE
36MyerDevelopments of Fully Monolithic Freeform TelescopesOptimax
37MenonCombining machine learning, computation & micro-optics to enable reduced SWAP multi-spectral imaging systemsUoUT
X-Ray Technology (OPEN)
38YoungManufacturing Optics for the Imaging X-ray Polarimeter Explorer (IXPE) MissionNASA
39PonsorPre-collimator Chemical Milling for X-ray TelescopesMindrum
40TyurinaBeatMark Software to reduce the cost of X-Ray mirror fabricationSecond Star Algonumerix
HabEx (OPEN)
41StahlHabEx Telescope Structural Design & Performance PredictionNASA
Coating Technology (OPEN)
42QuijadaImproving LUVOIR FUV instrument capabilities through enhanced coatingsNASA
43SheikhBattery-powered process for coating telescope mirrors in spaceZecoat
44BroadwayIn-situ stress measurement of single and multilayer thin-films for x-ray optics.NASA
45KennelPyramid Nanostructured Coatings for Stray Light SuppressionApplied Sci
46VijayraghavanProximity Glare Suppression for Astronomical CoronagraphyNanohmics
47HamiltonIntelligent Mirror Geometry for Detection, Power Production, ImagingSun Synchrony
Thursday – November 16th, 2017
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Technology (OPEN)
48TraugerWFIRST Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) UpdateJPL
49HelmbrechtMEMS Deformable Mirror Development at Iris AOIris AO
50BierdenMEMS Deformable MirrorsBoston MM
51ZiemerStarshade Technology ActivityJPL
52HarnessStarshade Subscale Testing/Model ValidationPrinceton U
53HamiltonStarshade Contamination Control with First Contact PolymersPCT
Telescope Architectures (OPEN)
54MukkerjeeIn-space Assembly of Large Telescopes for Exoplanet Direct ImagingJPL
55MacEwenFuture Assembly and Servicing of Space TelescopesReviresco
56CoppejansDOMinATE a Deployable Vis-IR Optical MembrAne Telescope conceptNorthwestern
57YoungProbe Of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (POEMMA) Instrument and Mission detailsNASA
Active Control Technology (OPEN)
58SheltonNext-Generation Deformable Mirrors for Astronomical Coronagraphy by Utilizing PMN-PT Single Crystal Stack Actuators in integration with Driver ASICMicroscale
59StahlAMTD Final ResultsNASA
60MooneyAMTD-2: Stacked Core ULE® MirrorHarris
61Eng1.5-m ULE® Cryo & Mechanical Test ResultsNASA
62BrooksComputed Tomography and Stiction in a Low Temperature Slumped MirrorNASA
Mirror Technology (ITAR)
63DunnPrimary Mirror Fabrication for Rotating Synthetic Aperture (RSA) ImagingUTAS
64Southard3D Printing of Ultra-Low Expansion (ULE®) GlassUTAS
65MooneyAdvanced Mirror Construction – ULE® ReplicationHarris
66FeinbergOTE/ISIM Integration and Test SummaryNASA
67Keski-KuhaAmbient Center of Curvature TestingBATC
68DalyOTIS Ambient I&THarris
69TexterDeployment Tests and ResultsNGST
70WellsJWST Primary Mirror Cryogenic Phasing and Performance Testing at JSCHarris
71KnightEarly Cryo-Optical Test ResultsBATC
72WellsEarly Cryo-Photogrammetry ResultsHarris
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