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Tech Days 2014

Mirror Tech/SBIR/STTR Workshop 2014

Tuesday – November 18th, 2014
Mirror Tech/ SBIR/ STTR Workshop 2014
SBIR Workshop and Government Technology Needs (OPEN)
01PerezMirror Technologies for NASA AstrophysicsNASA
02ShaklanSBIR Topic S2 Need overviewJPL
03StahlSBIR Subtopic S2.03 overviewNASA
04BlakeSBIR Subtopic S2.04 overviewNASA
05LewisNew NASA SBIR Program Initiatives for Post Phase 2JPL
Future Large Aperture UVOIR Telescope (OPEN)
06ClampinScience with a Future Large Aperture UVOIR Telescope
07TBDDiscovery and Characterization of Candidate Planet vs Aperture, etc.
08FeinbergATLAST 10-m class architecture studiesNASA
09StahleATLAST Technology RoadmapNASA
10ShaklanSegmented Telescope Stability Error Budget for Exo-Earth Direct ImagingJPL
11BreckinridgeImage quality and polarization in large aperture telescope systemsCaltech
& UoAZ
12StahlOverview & StatusNASA
13StahlEngineering SpecificationsNASA
14MatthewsExelis 1.5m Pathfinder Mirror statusExelis
15HullSchott Extreme lightweight Zerodur mirror statusUNM/Schott
16EngAMTD-II test plan and preparationNASA
17ArnoldPoint Design Accomplishments & StatusNASA
18FeinbergPlans for Pathfinder Testing at JSCNASA
19MatthewsJWST Pathfinder Telescope Mirror IntegrationExelis
20MatthewsJWST Cryo Test Equipment Status and Readiness for PathfinderExelis
21SaifModal testing with high speed interferometerNASA
Structures (OPEN)
22MichelFabrication of a lightweight CTE matched optical structure from Be/BeO Metal Matrix Composite Materion
Space Qualifications Testing (ITAR)
23McCarterSingle Crystal Silicon/Glass Frit Bonding test on MISSE I/II X-37B ExperimentMcCarter
QiaoDifferential wavefront sensor based on binary pixelated transmission filtersRochester
Institute of
Wednesday – November 19th, 2014
Telescope Technology (OPEN)
24LoomisLow Cost, Lightweight, 2.5 Meter Aperture, Micron Level Surface Accuracy Telescope DevelopmentVanguard Space Technologies
Optical Design (OPEN)
25ReimersNew Methods for the Optical Design of Spectrometers with Freeform SurfacesUniv. of Rochester
26CatanzaroIntegrated opto-mechanical design and analysisCFE Services
Mirror Technology (OPEN)
27GoodmanT300HoneySiC – Problems SolvedTrex Enterprises
28JensenLightweight, Scalable Manufacturing of Telescope OpticsReliaCoat Tech
29HardestyMatching NiP on Be-38Al for Low Temp MirrorsPeregrine
30KarandikarMetal matrix composite (MMC) optics and structureM Cubed
31EngCryo test results of M-Cubed Technologies SiC/CNT and SiC mirrorsNASA
32JacobyCryo test results of hybrid skin SiC mirrorOPCI
Additive manufacturing of lightweighted metal mirrors
Optical Metrology Technology (OPEN)
34MillerdSuccess Story: Growing a NASA-Sponsored Metrology Project to Serve Many Applications and Industries4D Technology
Optical Fabrication Technology (OPEN)
35WalkerAdvances in active edge control, as applied to 1.4m hexagonal mirror segmentsZeeko Ltd.
36MohringFabrication of Freeform Optics and Conic Mirror MandrelsOptiPro
37DeFisherOptical Characterization of Complex Freeform SurfacesOptiPro
38MedicusSmoothing mid-spatial frequency errors on free-form surfacesOptimax
39ShoreRapid fabrication of advanced optics: 1 foot2 per hourLoxham Precision
40HanMirror polishing technology with Tool Influence Function for SiCKASI/NOAO
41AlbertsAbrasive waterjet milling for mirror pocketsOrmond
Deformable Mirror Technology (OPEN)
42RyanState of the art in MEMS deformable mirrorsBoston Micromachines
43HelmbrechtMEMS Deformable Mirror Development for Space-Based Exoplanet DetectionIris AO
44HelmbrechtMEMS Deformable Mirror Development for Laser ApplicationsIris AO
Deformable Mirror Technology (ITAR)
45HelmbrechtSpace Qualification of a MEMS Deformable MirrorIris AO
46WuDriver ASICs for Advanced Deformable MirrorsMicroscale
Thursday – November 20th, 2014
Optical Coating Technology (OPEN)
47QuijadaRecent Progress on 2012 SAT for UVOIR CoatingsNASA
48BalaFUV to NIR mirror coatings development statusJPL
49SheikhLow-Stress Silicon Cladding for Surface Finishing Large UVOIR MirrorsZeCoat
50SheikhBroadband Reflective Coating Process for Large FUVOIR MirrorsZeCoat
51CarnahanNanostructured optical black coatingsNanoLab
Design Tools (ITAR)
52Brooks Thermal induced wavefront error model of space telescope mirrorsNASA
53ArnoldMechanical Model Tool Accomplishments & StatusNASA
Future Large Aperture UVOIR Telescope (FOUO)
54JackmanSLS: Payload Accommodation, Launch Environment and potential 2018-2022 Flight OpportunitiesNASA
55StahlSLS Enable Space Telescope ConceptsNASA
56PolidanIdeas for Secondary SLS Payload MissionsNorthrop-Grumman
57OschmannUtilizing Excess SLS Payload CapabilityBATC
Telescope Technology (FOUO)
58StyerPrototype and Test Trex CVC SiC Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary Mirrors Plus Mount a Primary Mirror/Secondary Mirror Subassembly to an Invar Warm Stop for the SM-3 Thermally Insensitive TelescopeTrex Enterprises
Telescope Technology (ITAR)
59BreckinridgeEvolvable space telescope: first stage: bow-tie – a 4 by 12 meter space apertureNorthrop Grumman & Breckinridge Assoc.
60LillieKey Technologies for an Evolvable Space TelescopeNorthrop Grumman & Breckinridge Assoc.
61MacEwenEvolvable space telescope: step-wise evolution technology needsReviresco LLC
62ZamelCritical Technologies for Future Large TelescopesNorthrop Grumman
63Van HalleDeployable One Meter Optical Telescope for Small Spacecraft Using AFRL Composite Tape TechnologiesMMA Design LLC
Image Processing (ITAR)
64CatanzaroWavefront Coding Techniques to Relax Opto-Mechanical Tolerances in Reflective Space OpticsCFE Services
Mirror Technology (ITAR)
65MooneyReplication of Lightweight ULE MirrorsExelis
66MartinDouble Replication of CFRP Optical MirrorsCMA
67GoodmanRadHard SiC Mirror for Missile DefenseTrex Enterprises Corp.
68MajiLarge Diffractive Optic – Opportunities and TradeoffsUniv. of New Mexico
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