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NASA Directorates

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is broken down into five Mission Directorates. Aeronautics, Exploration Systems, Science, Space Operations, and Space Technology.

The NASA flag is seen flying at half-staff on NASA's Day of Remembrance, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019, at NASA Headquarters in Washington.


For more than a century, NASA and its predecessor organization has been the global leader in aviation research.

Results achieved by NASA’s aeronautical innovators through the years directly benefits today’s air transportation system, the aviation industry, and the passengers and businesses who rely on those advances in flight every day. As a result, today every U.S. commercial aircraft and U.S. air traffic control tower uses NASA-developed technology to improve efficiency and maintain safety. That’s why we say “NASA is with you when you fly!” Yet there still is so much more to explore, so much more to learn. Scientists, engineers, programmers, test pilots, facilities managers, strategic planners, and people with many other skills are focused on transforming aviation to make it more sustainable and more accessible than ever before.

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Artist illustration of the X-66 in flight above the clouds with the sun in the background.
Artist’s concept of the X-66 aircraft that Boeing will produce through NASA’s Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project.

Careers at NASA

Align your talents with your passion and find out why NASA consistently is named a best place to work in the federal government. At NASA, you'll have an opportunity to work on unique and challenging projects that truly make an impact on humanity.

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