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Ariel view of White Sands test Facility
Composite Pressure Systems testing
Dual fire of LOX Methane 870 lb (395 kg) Reaction Control Engine.

White Sands Test Facility

White Sands Test Facility tests and analyzes potentially hazardous materials, components, and systems including Composite Pressure Systems, Critical Systems and Materials Flight Acceptance, Hypervelocity Impacts, Oxygen Systems, Propellants and Aerospace Fluids, and Propulsion Systems.

WSTF Site Info about White Sands Test Facility


Las Cruces, New Mexico


July 6, 1963



site manager

Jason E Noble

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White Sands Test Facility is an access-controlled, hazardous testing facility and visitors must be approved before accessing the property. NASA policy for entry into our facility is contingent upon the visitor's consent to inspection of their person and the property in their possession or under their control. On arrival, visitors must check in at our forward guard gate where guards can give directions to specific areas and specific entry requirements. Approval may take up to 30 days so please plan appropriately.

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Our Propulsion Test Area houses numerous vacuum and ambient test stands.


White Sands History

Established in 1963 to test propulsion systems for the Apollo spacecraft, White Sands Test Facility has supported every U.S. human space flight from Apollo to the Space Shuttle Program and the International Space Station. Because of our remote location and unique facilities, we can safely design, test, and operate hazardous systems.

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