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Astronaut Woody Hoburg rides the Canadarm2 robotic arm while maneuvering a roll-out solar array during a spacewalk.
Local students participate in an Earth Information Center (EIC) student engagement event, Friday, June 23, 2023, at the Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters building in Washington.
NASA personnel holding LEGO minifigures while performing a fit check at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for items to fly on Artemis I as part of the official flight kit, which carries mementos for educational outreach and posterity.

Doing Business with NASA

Work with NASA to explore and execute innovative, effective, and efficient acquisition business solutions to optimize capabilities and operations that enable NASA’s missions.

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Partnering with NASA

10 centers. 3,000 active partnerships.

NASA offers 60 years of experience in advanced engineering and testing capabilities, cutting edge research and technology development, and unique assets for use by commercial industries, academic institutions, U.S. Government agencies, and international entities.

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Artist concept of commercial aircraft families with a Transonic Truss-Braced Wing configuration from the Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project.

NASA Brand Center

NASA has established specific guidelines for the use of its brand, merchandise, and media. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the NASA brand is used consistently and appropriately across all platforms and partnerships.

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Painting of the NASA logo on the 525-foot-tall Vehicle Assembly Building.