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BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole
Mike Hopkins practices spacewalking in the Virtual Reality Lab at Johnson Space Center in Houston
Former NASA scientist Kantis Simmons, an author and speaker, addresses NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center team members Oct. 29.

For Professionals

NASA offers a wide variety of resources and opportunities for professionals.

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APPEL Knowledge Services

APPEL Knowledge Services unites the award-winning curriculum and career development tools from the Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership with the critical knowledge sharing and knowledge management capabilities of the Chief Knowledge Officer to create a comprehensive, knowledge-dedicated resource for NASA.

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A close up of one of the robotic arms at the Robotic Operations Center (ROC) at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. In space, the robotic arm will access the satellite’s fuel valves and provide it with more fuel to extend its operational life.
NASA / Taylor Mickal

NESC Academy

The NESC Academy presents live and on-demand content from researchers, engineers, and field experts in 19 technical disciplines relevant to the design, development, test, and operation of NASA programs and projects.

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NASA Online Directives Information System

On NODIS, users can find Agency-level directives, Center-level directives, and external requirements that are available to the public.

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Minority Serving Institutions Exchange

The MSI Exchange is a tool that supports your search for innovative and diverse academic collaborators by curating STEM offerings and capability statements of MSIs nationwide. The MSI Exchange can inform partnerships for teaming opportunities and competitive federal awards such as contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants.

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Partnering With NASA

NASA offers 60 years of experience in advanced engineering and testing capabilities, cutting edge research and technology development, as well as unique assets such as land, facilities and laboratories for use by commercial industries, academic institutions, U.S. Government agencies and international entities.

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