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Explore STEM Resources for Colleges, Universities, and Technical and Vocational Institutions.

April is Citizen Science Month

Join the celebration by collecting data, analyzing results, and helping scientists solve real-world problems.

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MSI Exchange

The Minority Serving Institutions Exchange (MSI) is a tool that supports your search for innovative and diverse academic collaborators by curating STEM offerings and capability statements of MSIs nationwide. The MSI Exchange can inform partnerships for teaming opportunities and competitive federal awards such as contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants.

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NASA STEM Opportunities and Activities For Students

Multiple challenges and opportunities reaching a broad audience of middle and high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.

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RMC: Lunabotics Competition

This is a university-level competition for teams to use the NASA Systems Engineering Process to design, build, and operate a Lunar robot.

Group of students carry their rocket at the 2023 Student Rocket Launch Week challenge.

NASA Student Launch Challenge

Student Launch is a research-based, competitive, experiential exploration activity. This project offers multiple challenges reaching a broad audience of middle and high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation.

A group of native American students holding their rockets

First Nations Launch

This competition is an opportunity for students attending a Tribal College or University, a Native American-Serving Nontribal Institution, or who are members of an active American Indian Science and Engineering Society collegiate chapter to design, build, and fly a high-powered rocket.

Explore Careers at NASA

Interested in working at NASA? Start now to be part of NASA’s future. Visit the Careers page to learn more about exciting opportunities at NASA.

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Get Your Research On The Station

Reference information and resources to provide insight into sending your science experiment or technology demonstration to the space station.

Conducting research on the ISS National Laboratory demonstrates to U.S. citizens and the world that space is accessible, affordable, and capable of supporting the research and development necessary to make the fundamental business case for sustainable industrial demand in low Earth orbit. 

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Image of NASA astronaut Raja Chari looking toward the camera as his hands manipulate objects in a portable glove bag for the Food Physiology investigation.


Now Available: NASA+, a new ad-free, no-cost, family-friendly streaming service that embeds you into our missions through new original video series.

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Join the Artemis Mission to the Moon

Make, launch, teach, compete and learn. Find your favorite way to be part of the Artemis mission.

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Scene of NASA Artemis astronauts on the Moon conducting scientific research with a rover and power system behind them.