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Partnering with NASA STEM Engagement

NASA is committed to partnering to successfully accomplish its diverse missions, including the Artemis program and future exploration initiatives to Mars and beyond! Through collaboration with external partners, NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement expands its reach, engaging students of all grade levels through opportunities that align with the agency’s missions and STEM Engagement program – sparking a love of space and STEM topics.

A group of students working on an activity together as an example of STEM engagement.

Engage With Office of STEM Engagement

NASA has a rich history of collaborating across the STEM ecosystem to foster innovative student experiences that leverage our unique mission, people, and facilities. NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) welcomes requests for high-impact collaborative activities that complement its efforts to build a diverse future STEM workforce. Requests should address mutually beneficial goals and engage students across the United States in opportunities connected to NASA missions, themes, or STEM Engagement projects; bolster external efforts that contribute to federal STEM goals; and broaden participation of students from groups traditionally underrepresented and underserved in STEM and STEM careers. Proposed collaborations may result in the development of a non-reimbursable (no-exchange-of-funds) Space Act Agreement.

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Featured Partnerships

NASA collaborated across the STEM ecosystem through high-impact activities that complement its efforts to build a diverse future STEM workforce. These no-exchange of funds opportunities with industry and non-profits address mutually beneficial goals. In FY 2022, OSTEM supported 25 active national partnerships via Space Act Agreement and an additional 21 informal collaborations to share student content. This work resulted in over 7 million digital engagements including video views and product interactions.

NASA Partnerships Bring 2024 Total Solar Eclipse to Everyone

On Monday, April 8, 2024 NASA and its partners will celebrate the wonders of the total solar eclipse as it passes over North America, with the path of totality in the United States, from Kerrville, Texas, to Houlton, Maine. Explore ways NASA is working with partners to engage the public in the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Cover of “Lift Off to the International Space Station with Noggin!”

NOGGIN – Nickelodeon’s Digital Platform for Pre-K Students

NASA and NOGGIN collaborated on a series of Artemis themed videos and interactive games. These products are available on a free you-tube channel launched in late 2022.  The post popular clip is “My Best” which introduces students NASA trailblazers Guy Bluford and Katherine Johnson.  This award-winning video gained 1.6 million views.

LEGO Education – Build To Launch With LEGO Education and Artemis I

NASA partnered with LEGO Education to introduce students around the world to Artemis content and careers through the Build to Launch Series. This multi-part animated series with connected engineering content was used by over 4,000 educators during the promotional period.

Astronaut Megan McArthur aboard the International Space Station smiles while pointing to an experiment developed by the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Girl Scouts of USA – Collaboration Moves Further Beyond Gravity

NASA and the Girl Scouts collaborated on “To the Moon and Back,” to introduce participants to STEM careers and explore space themed badges and activities that connect to Artemis I. Girl Scouts awarded more than 80 Artemis flown Space Badges to students for their essays, which asked girls to imagine their own role in space exploration.

NASA STEM Engagement Highlights

Find out how NASA’s STEM opportunities and activities in fiscal year 2023 enabled students and educators to engage with the agency’s most ambitious missions and programs.

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