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A 70-meter antenna lights up the night sky at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex near Barstow, California. The Moon brightly shines behind the giant antenna.

Exploration, enabled.

Reliable space communication and navigation systems are critical to every NASA mission. Spacecraft commands, never-before-seen images, and scientific data are sent and received daily by NASA’s giant antennas on Earth. From the Voyager mission exploring beyond our solar system, to astronauts onboard the International Space Station, space communications provide the crucial connection to our home planet.


Global Communications Networks


Missions Enabled

Exploring the Farthest Points of Our Solar System

Keeping in touch, no matter the distance.

From robotic explorers venturing the rocky landscape of Mars, to the Voyager missions unveiling the secrets of interstellar space, to the first woman and first person of color landing on the Moon—NASA’s Deep Space Network provides communications, tracking, and radio science services to missions that explore the furthest points of our solar system. Consisting of three ground stations around the world, its sites are spaced equidistant from each other, ensuring one complex is always in view of faraway spacecraft. The global network also serves as a planetary radar and radio observatory for science measurements.

The Deep Space Network
A 34-meter (111-foot) antenna points toward a bright blue sky. Mountains and several clouds can be seen in the background.
Deep Space Station 35 (DSS-35) at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex in Canberra, Australia.
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