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Flight Innovation

NASA’s aeronautics research can be sorted into several categories, such as sustainable aviation, supersonic flight, drones, and air traffic management. But not all of NASA’s aeronautical investigations fit perfectly into a specific category. This page collects those stories of flight innovation from NASA, with an emphasis on NASA’s research collaborations with academia.

Students Ken McGill (left) and Nozhan Hosseini from the University of South Carolina conduct research inside an aircraft maintenance hangar as part of NASA’s University Leadership Initiative.
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NASA University Leadership Initiative’s First Teams Reflect on 5 Years

In 2017, NASA gave five teams of university professors and students a unique opportunity: a chance to make original, hands-on…

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Other Aeronautics topics

Artist illustration of the X-59 in flight over a surbuban neighborhood.

Research about flying faster than the speed of sound.

Aerospace Cognitive Engineering Lab Rapid Automation Test Environment; (ACEL-RATE) in N262 showing out-the-window views of San Francisco for UAM UTM Ride Quality Simulation project.

Stories about pioneering the frontiers of 21st century flight.

The Moog SureFly aircraft hovers above Cincinnati Municipal Airport during an acoustic hover test.

All about new ways to get from here to there in the air.

In this image, captured using data from a wind-tunnel test, the red and orange areas represent higher drag, and the green and bl

Learn about research to make aviation more sustainable.

Airplane outside it's gate at the airport.

Read about how NASA is opening up the sky for all.