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Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Apollo 17 salutes the flag on the lunar surface during NASA's final lunar mission.

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NACA Center and Facility History

North American XP-51B Airplane in 16-foot Wind Tunnel

Ames Research Center

Five NACA engineers, headed by Walt Williams, arrived at Muroc Army Airfield (now Edwards AFB) about this date from Langley Memo

Armstrong Flight Research Center

A black and white photo of a NASA employee inspecting the NACA 16 inch RAM jet.

Glenn Research Center


Goddard Space Flight Center

Exterior view of building.

Electronics Research Center

S69-40022 (24 July 1969) --- Overall view of the Mission Operations Control Room (MOCR) in the Mission Control Center (MCC), Building 30, Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC), showing the flight controllers celebrating the successful conclusion of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission.

Johnson Space Center

Gordon Cooper walks with his space suit on for his Faith 7 flight

Kennedy Space Center

operators in the Plum Brook reactor control room

Neil Armstrong Test Facility

Two men stand at the end of a large circular honeycombed screen

Langley Research Center

A Saturn V lies on its side as a group of men stand in front of it in this black and white photo. A label of S-IC Flight Stage - Huntsville is at the top.

Marshall Space Flight Center

This week in 1961, Michoud Assembly Facility was selected as the production site for Saturn rockets.

Michoud Assembly Facility

This week in 1966, the Mississippi Test Facility – today’s NASA Stennis Space Center – successfully captive-fired S-II-T.

Stennis Space Center

Black and white image of a rocket on a metal structure with people working around it.

Wallops Flight Facility

Aerial view of the Apollo Service Module Test Area began in 1963.

White Sands Test Facility


NASA's precursor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was established by Congress in 1915 to advance the United States' standing in flight. Over its 40-some years in existence, it pushed the frontiers of air technology through groundbreaking aeronautics research, preparing the country for its venturing steps into space.

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