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Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Apollo 17 salutes the flag on the lunar surface during NASA's final lunar mission.

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NASA's precursor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was established by Congress in 1915 to advance the United States' standing in flight. Over its 40-some years in existence, it pushed the frontiers of air technology through groundbreaking aeronautics research, preparing the country for its venturing steps into space.

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55 Years Ago: Three Months Until the Moon Landing

The rapid pace of preparations for the first Moon landing continued in April 1969. The successful Apollo 9 mission in…

45 Years Ago: Space Shuttle Enterprise Arrives at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Enterprise, the first space shuttle orbiter that NASA built, arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida on April…

NASA’s SERT II: ‘A Genuine Space Success Story’

“A genuine space success story,” is how Experiments Manager William Kerslake described NASA’s second Space Electric Rocket Test (SERT II),…

60 Years Ago: Gemini 1 Flies a Successful Uncrewed Test Flight

On April 8, 1964, Gemini 1 successfully completed the first uncrewed test flight of the Gemini spacecraft and its Titan…

From NASA’s First Astronaut Class to Artemis II: The Importance of Military Jet Pilot Experience

The Mercury 7 On April 9, 1959, reporters and news media crammed into the ballroom of the Dolley Madison House…

40 Years Ago: STS-41C, the Solar Max Repair Mission

On Apr. 6, 1984, space shuttle Challenger took off on its fifth flight, STS-41C. Its five-person crew of Commander Robert…

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