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First aircraft tested in Langley Full-Scale Tunnel, a Navy Vought O3U-1, in 1931


The predecessor of NASA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was founded in 1915 with the intent of being an advisory committee that would coordinate research underway elsewhere. It quickly became a leading research organization in the new field of aeronautics, pushing back the boundaries of flight until its transformation into NASA in 1958.



Collier Trophies won by the NACA


Diameter in feet of first NACA wind tunnel

NACA Locations

In this early photo, two Curtiss Jennies are parked on an airfield in front of hangars.

Hampton, Virginia facility established in 1917

A black and white photo of an engineer making calibrations on the model inside the 6x6 foot supersonic wind tunnel.

Established at Moffett Field, California in 1940

Group of men in field with shovels.

Cleveland, Ohio facility established in 1941

Dryden People

Edwards, California facility established in 1946

A NACA researcher prepares a ramjet for launch over Wallops Island in July 1947.

Wallops Island, Virginia launch site established in 1945

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A Pictorial History of the Early Years at NASA Glenn

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Camerman filming mechanic with test setup.