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NASA Media Contacts

The newsroom at Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters in Washington is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. Members of the press can reach the newsroom at or 202-358-1600.

Media Contacts

Roxana BardanInternational and Interagency Partnerships202-358-1600
Gerelle DodsonNASA STEM Engagement
Gerelle DodsonDiversity and Equal Opportunity202-384-4861
Abbey DonaldsonProcurement202-358-1600
Jennifer DoorenEnvironmental Management; Information Technology and Cybersecurity; Office of Chief Financial Officer; Security, Strategic Infrastructure202-358-1600
Alise FisherAstrophysics202-617-4977
Josh FinchSpace Operations Mission Directorate202-358-1100
Karen FoxScience Mission Directorate240-285-5155
Melanie WhiteBiological and Physical Sciences
Kathryn HambletonExploration Systems Development202-358-1100
Denise HillHeliophysics202-308-2071
Alana JohnsonPlanetary Science202-672-4780
Aries KeckEarth Science and Climate202-604-2356
Katie KonansAudio and Podcasting
Rachel KraftMoon to Mars
Liz LandauAstrophysics202-923-0167
Rob MargettaAeronautics Research Mission Directorate

Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy Safety and Mission Assurance
Katherine RohloffEarth Science and Climate202-358-1600
Jimi RussellOffice of the Chief Technologist, Technology Transfer, and Spinoffs; Space Technology Mission Directorate216-433-2894
Stephanie L. SmithSocial Media202-407-0118
María José ViñasSpanish-Language Communications240-458-0248 
Cheryl WarnerNews Chief202-358-1600
Dewayne WashingtonMars Sample Return 301-832-5867

Leadership Interview Requests

Faith McKieInterview requests with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson202-262-8342
Amber JacobsonInterview requests with NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy240-298-1832
Stephanie SchierholzInterview requests with NASA Associate Administrator Jim Free and Deputy Associate Administrator Casey Swails202-358-4997

Photography and Video

NASA Headquarters Photography OfficePhotography for news media 202-358-1900
NASA TelevisionVideo for news media202-358-0309

Non-media Inquiries

NASA Public InquiriesPublic inquiries
Office of STEM EngagementEducator inquiries
Bert Ulrich, Office of CommunicationsLogo and media usage. Advertising and merchandising requests

NASA Center Newsrooms

Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters202-358-1600
Ames Research Center650-604-4789
Armstrong Flight Research Center661-276-3449
Glenn Research Center216-433-5466
Goddard Space Flight Center301-286-8955
Goddard Institute for Space Studies212-678-5507
Jet Propulsion Laboratory818-354-5011
Johnson Space Center281-483-5111
Katherine Johnson Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Facility304-367-8200
Kennedy Space Center321-867-2468
Langley Research Center757-864-8785
Marshall Space Flight Center256-544-0034
Stennis Space Center228-688-3333
Wallops Flight Facility757-824-1579