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NASA’s IXPE Marks Two Years of Groundbreaking X-ray Astronomy

On Dec. 9, astronomers and physicists will commemorate two years of landmark X-ray science by NASA’s IXPE (Imaging X-ray Polarimetry…

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Cluster in the Cloud

This striking image shows the densely packed globular cluster known as NGC 2210, which is situated in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). The LMC lies about 157 000 light-years from Earth, and is a so-called satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, meaning that the two galaxies are gravitationally bound. Globular clusters are very stable, tightly bound clusters of thousands or even millions of stars. Their stability means that they can last a long time, and therefore globular clusters are often studied in order to investigate potentially very old stellar populations.


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Earth Information Center

Discover Earth as NASA sees it. Learn why this information matters to us all.

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Installation view of the Earth Information Center located at Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters in Washington.

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Space image with stars and swirls of colorful orange, red and white.
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