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Dream with Us graphic, showing a female African American dreaming up aeronautics ideas.
A middle-school male student in front a yellow background, wearing a backpack and holding a tablet. Around him are drawings of arrows and a lightbulb, airplanes.

Aeronautics STEM

Explore hands-on Aeronautics STEM activities for all ages and experience levels focused on aeronautics, physical science, engineering design, literacy, and more. Our wide variety of STEM resources are perfect for at-home, informal, and more formal learning environments, with some available in both English and Spanish.

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Aeronautics @ Home

Below are just a few items that are available. Please click on All to see the entire listing.

VP Harris at a STEM engagement and students flying paper airplanes.

Paper Airplane Template

Tornado in a bottle

Tornado in a Bottle

3D graphic of the X-59. Left image is with the 3D print on a stand. Right image is without a stand.

X-59 3D Printing

X-59 Maker Bundle Flyer, showing the different activities available in English and Spanish.

X-59 Maker Bundle

Smart Skies

Smart Skies is a program developed by NASA to engage students in Grades 5-9 in real-life applications of mathematics and science.

Smart Skies graphic, showing a white cloud with a black graduation cap with a red tassel sitting on top of a white cloud with the words Smart Skies.

Smart Skies Overview

The program enables students to apply proportional reasoning to make decisions and resolve conflicts in realistic air traffic control problems.

Graphic of a sector map with the title Math-Based Decisions in Air Traffic Control (ATC).

LineUp with Math

LineUp With Math consists of six Problem Sets, enabling students to explore and apply decision-making and proportional reasoning skills to resolve distance-rate-time conflicts in realistic air traffic control problems.

View of airport from virtual air traffic control tower

Flyby Math

FlyBy Math is a series of five Air Traffic Control (ATC) problems, each increasing in complexity, that examines a different distance-rate-time air traffic scenario that an air traffic controller might encounter.

Sector 33 App Icon


Air traffic control Sector 33 which simulates what an air traffic controller is responsible for to keep the airspace safe. There are a series of problems to complete.

STEM Toolkits

Explore NASA Aeronautics STEM Toolkits to learn more about supersonic flight, sustainable aviation and advanced air mobility.

An aerial view of the artist illustration of the X-59 in flight over land.

Quesst Supersonic STEM Toolkit

Artist illustration of an aerial view of the Transonic Truss-Braced Wing aircraft in flight above a forest of green trees.

Sustainable Aviation STEM Toolkit

Advanced Air Mobility, with its many vehicle concepts and potential uses in both local and intraregional applications, is shown

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) STEM Toolkit

3D Print Items

Explore NASA Aeronautics’ 3D print files and other maker-friendly files. This includes our X-59 snowflake that can be folded from paper, 3D printed, laser cut, and more. New files are being added all the time so check back soon for more great printable, cuttable, foldable, and etchable files.

Image of the X-59 3D Printing graphic. Left image is with the 3D print on a stand. Right image is without a stand.

X-59 3D Files

X-59 Snowflake made out of paper.

X-59 Snowflake 3D File and More

Angles of the X-66 3D model.

X-66 3D File

Start Your Own Aeronautics Flight Log

NASA invites you, your family – even your friends and classmates – to sign up and add your name to our list of virtual passengers. Your name can ride with us on our X-planes, drones, and other flights as NASA explores ways to improve aviation for everyone. Print your personalized boarding passes, enter flights into your virtual flight log, and access activities, videos, and more!

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A graphic showing different Aeronautics research aircraft, an unmanned passenger eVTOL, an electric airplane, the X-59 and an F-15 with red and blue stripes on the top and bottom.


Leveled Readers and Literacy

Read about historical and modern people's journeys in aviation.

This section of education resources series brings the history of American aviation to life by highlighting the accomplishments of famous and historical aviators, the options for STEM careers as seen through the stories of contemporary NASA ARMD personnel, and acknowledging crucial milestones in aviation.

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Amelia Earhart (front row, center) on the steps of Langley Research Building in 1928 before a tour.
Amelia Earhart (front row, center) on the steps of Langley Research Building in 1928 before a tour. Legend has it that, during the tour, part of her raccoon fur coat was sucked into a high speed wind tunnel.

Aeronautics Innovation Challenges

Learn more about NASA Aeronautics sponsored challenges and competitions.

Learn More about Aeronautics Innovation Challenges
View within the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s F/A-18 research aircraft cockpit, while in flight.

Dream with Us Challenge

Design challenge details can be found in the Learn More link. Come fly with us—we're excited to see what you dream up!

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Dream with Us graphic, showing a female African American dreaming up aeronautics ideas.

NASA Internships

NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) paid internships allow high school and college-level students to contribute to agency projects under the guidance of a NASA mentor.

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