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A scale model of an airplane with long and skinny wings supported by a truss is suspended within a wind tunnel for testing. The four walls of the wind tunnel are silver with a blue light illuminating the background.
A technician works on the X-59 model during testing in the low-speed wind tunnel, in February of 2022.
Bell 609 spinner inlet icing model. Technicians taking measurement of ice accretions after an icing test.

Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities Portfolio Office

The Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities (AETC) portfolio office executes strategic efforts to preserve and enhance research and test capabilities for NASA’s world-class portfolio of National Wind Tunnel facilities.

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Dr. Ron Colantonio

deputy director

Chris Mouring

Associate portfolio director

Steve Helland

ASSOCIATE portfolio director for digital transformation

Lori Arnett

Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities Leadership

Learn more about the leadership for the Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities portfolio office.

Ron Colantonio, Director, Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities (AETC) Portfolio Office

Dr. Ron Colantonio


Chris Mouring

Deputy Director

Subsonic Facilities

Explore NASA's Subsonic Facilities.

Alternative Low Noise Fan setup in the 9'x15' Low-Speed Wind Tunnel at NASA Glenn.

9- by 15-Foot Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

Fluorescent oil on a model of a futuristic hybrid wing body during tests in the14 by-22-Foot Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

14- by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel

Sam Lee uses 3D laser scanner to measure the ice shape.

Icing Research Tunnel

20 Foot Vertical Spin Tunnel with General Aviation Model

20-Foot Vertical Spin Tunnel

Transonic Facilities

Explore NASA's Transonic Facilities.

NASA Pathfinder II model mounted on the Free To Roll rig at the NTF.

National Transonic Facility

11-Foot Transonic Unitary Plan Facility

Half of a yellow model of a semi-span fighter model being tested in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel.

Transonic Dynamics Tunnel

Supersonic Facilities

Explore NASA's Supersonic Facilities.

2D Inlet coldpipe test at 10X10 foot supersonic wind tunnel.

10 – by 10-foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Pictured here is a three percent space shuttle model testing for return to flight in the Ames 9x7 wind tunnel.

9- by 7-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel

X-59 model inside the 8x6 supersonic wind tunnel.

8- by 6-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel

A supersonic vehicle model inside the 4-Foot wind tunnel.

4-Foot Supersonic Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel

Hypersonic Facilities

Explore NASA's Hypersonic Facilities.

A female technician inspecting the model of the Hyper X mounted on a Pegasus booster rocket.

Langley Aerothermodynamics Laboratory (LAL) Facility

Hypersonic model test in the 8-Foot High Temperature Tunnel at NASA Langley.

8-Foot High-Temperature Tunnel

Propulsion Facilities

Explore NASA's Propulsion Facility.

John Wargo, lead technician at NASA Glenn's Propulsion System Laboratory (PSL) is performing an inspection.

Propulsion Systems Laboratory

Test Technology

Explore NASA's Subsonic Facilities.

Open-rotor Propulsion Rig, painted with Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) and ready for testing.

Pressure Measurement

 	Infrared camera image of an airfoil equipped with an anti-icing system.

Temperature Measurement

Angle of Attack instrumentation.

Angle Measurement

Jet Exit Rig Balance

Force Measurement

Schlieren image of the Large-Scale Low-Boom (LSLB)

Flow Measurement

The Facility Aerodynamics Validation and Operational Research (FAVOR) model.

Process Improvement

AETC Virtual Tours

Step into a virtual tour of the different facilities managed by the Aerosciences Evaluation and Test Capabilities portfolio office.

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Alternative Low Noise Fan setup in the 9'x15' Low-Speed Wind Tunnel at NASA Glenn.

Other Aeronautics topics

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Aerospace Cognitive Engineering Lab Rapid Automation Test Environment; (ACEL-RATE) in N262 showing out-the-window views of San Francisco for UAM UTM Ride Quality Simulation project.

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The Moog SureFly aircraft hovers above Cincinnati Municipal Airport during an acoustic hover test.

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In this image, captured using data from a wind-tunnel test, the red and orange areas represent higher drag, and the green and bl

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