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AETC Propulsion Facility

Technicians set up a jet engine for testing in the Propulsion Systems Laboratory at NASA Glenn.
Technicians and researchers pause during a jet engine test set up in the Propulsion Systems Laboratory.

Propulsion Systems Laboratory
The Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) at GRC is a full-scale altitude engine test facility for air-breathing propulsion systems research and development. The PSL can accurately create temperature and pressure inlet conditions that propulsion systems experience in high-speed, high-altitude flight. Of the two test chambers, PSL-3 is used primarily for all facets of advanced aircraft research. PSL-4 incorporates a high temperature and pressure inlet plenum that meets the needs of high-speed and high-altitude propulsion system research for high-performance aviation and access to space applications. The PSL uses specialized systems to investigate these future propulsion systems, including liquid and gaseous fuels, multiaxis thrust measurements, and exhaust vectoring and collection.

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