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University of Tennessee students Arianna Worthy (front) and Hector Ortiz-Melendez discuss results
Students from the University of South Carolina (from left: Nathan Stofik, Nozhan Hosseini, and Hosseinali Jamal) work on their research project involving communications in aviation as part of NASA’s University Leadership Initiative.

University Leadership Initiative

NASA’s University Leadership Initiative (ULI) provides an opportunity for the U.S. university community to receive NASA funding and take the lead in building their own teams and setting their own research agenda with goals that support and complement NASA aeronautics research goals.

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Koushik Data


Gelsomina (Mina) Cappuccio

Deputy Project Manager for Technology

Andrew Provenza

Assistant Project Manager

Steven Holz

ULI Selection by Round

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate announcements of rounds 1-6.

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Artist concept of a TTBW in flight.