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Conceptual art, a sky background with a light bulb front and center, 4 strategic thrusts and an tablet with a plane flying out.
A drone flies in the foreground while a person wearing a hat, sunglasses, and yellow safety vest pilots the drone in the background, with a forest behind.
An air tanker drops water during an aerial firefighting training event

Convergent Aeronautics Solutions Project

NASA wants to increase innovation in the way airplanes fly and the aviation industry along with it. The Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) project invests in seemingly improbable ideas that might lead to solutions to the problems that plague aviation and impact safety, environmental and community impact, and the global growth in air traffic.

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Keith Wichman

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Kurt Papathakis

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Gerard Welch

A Gateway to Aviation Transformation

imaginAviation 2024 was held Feb. 27-29. While it may be over, you can relive the fun and learning by viewing all sessions on demand.

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Artist illustration showing a city below and a cloudy sky above, lit by a sun at the center.

Highlighted CAS Videos

The CAS Project invites you to watch these selected videos that showcase some of our activities.

A disc representing a future rechargeable battery design.


NASA researchers are developing a new generation of batteries to help predict and prevent battery fires

Five metallic-looking discs that make up the parts of a future battery design are shown in an image captured from a video.


NASA researchers are reimagining the use of batteries for next generation aircraft

A small drone flies over a bridge construction site,


NASA researchers use artificial intelligence to help imagine the future of aviation

An imaginary drone flies over a city and is shown communicating with various wireless devices to navigate.


NASA researchers create a safe way to exchange information to adapt to emerging aircraft