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A drone flies in the foreground while a person wearing a hat, sunglasses, and yellow safety vest pilots the drone in the background, with a forest behind.
An air tanker drops water during an aerial firefighting training event

Convergent Aeronautics Solutions Project

NASA wants to increase innovation in the way airplanes fly and the aviation industry along with it. The Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) project invests in seemingly improbable ideas that might lead to solutions to the problems that plague aviation and impact safety, environmental and community impact, and the global growth in air traffic.

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project manager

Keith Wichman

deputy project manager

Kurt Papathakis

associate project manager

Gerard Welch

Introduce yourself to CAS

See real-life examples of potential CAS innovation by watching this informative 2-minute video.

NASA Firefighting Solutions

NASA is stepping up to the plate to determine what we can do to help fight wildfires – and we have some ideas.

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Wildfire Drone flying through the air while the sun is setting in the background.