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A small testbed aircraft to explore what happens in flight using Turboelectric Distributed Propulsion.
Pink-colored pressure sensitive paint is applied to a vehicle to test in a wind tunnel.
This visualization shows a pre-test hover simulation of a rotor within the 80x120-ft test section of the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex at NASA?s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. The vortex wake is colored by vorticity; the wind tunnel floor is colored by pressure (with red as high and blue as low); and flow streamlines on the floor are shown in white.

Transformational Tools and Technologies Project

The Transformational Tools and Technologies (TTT) project develops state-of-the-art computational and experimental tools and technologies that are vital to ARMD’s ability to advance the prediction of future aircraft performance in flight, such as first-of-a-kind tools that isolate the complex turbulent airflow around vehicles and within propulsion systems.

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Project Manager

Mike Rogers

DEPUTY Project Manager

Dale Hopkins

Associate Project Manager

Vanessa Aubuchon

Advanced Air Mobility Looks Ahead to Automation

Using software to handle tasks to assist people is not a new concept – look at our computers, cell phones or electric cars.

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Artists rendering, aircraft over city.