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Neil Armstrong Test Facility

World's most powerful space simulation facilities.

NASA’s Neil Armstrong Test Facility is a remote campus of Glenn Research Center. Situated on 6,700 acres in Sandusky, Ohio, it is home to some of the world’s largest and most capable space simulation test facilities, where ground tests are conducted for the U.S. and international space and aeronautics communities.

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Space Environments Complex at Neil Armstrong Test Facility (Formerly Plum Brook Station).
The Space Environments Complex (shown above) and three other major facilities are separated by large clear zone areas, which are required to conduct high-energy aerospace testing.
Credits: NASA


Industry, government, and academia may contact our facility management office for information on a specific facility, testing capabilities, and to submit a request to use our test facilities. 

Aerial View of the Space Environments Complex at Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky

Space Environments Complex

The Space Environments Complex houses some of the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities, including the largest vacuum chamber, most powerful spacecraft acoustic test chamber, and most high-powered spacecraft shaker.

Overhead view of open vacuum chamber with hardware attached to overhead crane.

In-Space Propulsion Facility

NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Facility is the world’s only facility capable of testing full-scale upper-stage launch vehicles and rocket engines under simulated high-altitude conditions.

Test chamber with lid open to side mounted on frame outside in field.

Combined Effects Chamber

The Combined Effects Chamber is part of NASA's Cryogenic Test Complex which allows large-scale liquid hydrogen experiments to be conducted safely. 

Dramatically lit in blue Direct connect configuration of the interior of the Hypersonic Tunnel Facility (HTF).

Hypersonic Tunnel Facility

The hypersonic tunnel facility is a hypersonic (Mach 5, 6, and 7) blowdown, nonvitiated freejet facility that tests large-scale hypersonic air-breathing propulsion systems.

The NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) facility in Sandusky, Ohio

NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed

The NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed is an aeronautics test facility that provides end-to-end testing of megawatt -scale electrified aircraft powertrains to demonstrate next-generation hybrid and turboelectric commercial aircraft capabilities.

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