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STEM Engagement at Glenn

The Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) at NASA’s John H. Glenn Research Center supports the agency’s objectives to advance the STEM workforce pipeline by administering and offering STEM programs at the international, national, regional, state and local levels. 

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K-12 STEM Resources and Opportunities at Glenn

Students participating in STEM activity

K-12: Student STEM Events

Student STEM events hosted by NASA Glenn are designed to inspire student interest in STEM fields. The events feature professionals working in STEM fields at NASA Glenn, engaging STEM activities, and tours of NASA Glenn’s facilities.

K-12: High School Capstones

NASA Glenn Research Center is always looking for dynamic new ways to connect students with the mission content of the Agency. The Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) has an interest in providing high school students with opportunities which they can pursue research in support of capstone projects based upon real NASA science and engineering mission content.

K-12: Glenn Engineering Design Challenges

Engineering design challenges are an integral part of educational content where students have the opportunity to work on real-world challenges in a collaborative, team-based environment, applying the lessons learned to the technical problems of the workplace.  Glenn Engineering Design Challenges (EDCs) will connect students, at both in-school and out-of-school settings, with the unique challenges faced by NASA scientists and engineers as they design the next generation of aeronautic and space vehicles, habitats, and technology.

K-12: Make it NASA

The Make it NASA project seeks to engage youth serving organizations that support student populations typically underrepresented in STEM fields through hands-on activities where students explore, learn, and create products relevant to NASA’s current missions and developing technologies. Make it NASA poses open-ended questions through a structured inquiry-based approach that allows students to be creative in using their own ideas while leveraging current and emerging technologies to formulate a product related to NASA Glenn’s research and the work of NASA as a whole.

Scientists at NASA Glenn Research Center monitor the Stirling Engine that has been in self-perpetuating operation for over 20 years. Credit: NASA

Summer 2024 Awardees Announced

Guardians of Honor, LLC., the Education Support Services contractor for the NASA Glenn Office of STEM Engagement, announces the awardees for the summer 2024 Start Your Engines solicitation.

FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional participants with their robot

FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regional

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a series of exciting regional and national engineering and robotics competitions. Since the spring of 2002, NASA Glenn Research Center has been the largest sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Competition Buckeye Regional event held in Cleveland, OH by providing event sponsorship, coordination, and volunteers. Additionally, scholarships are provided to participating Ohio teams attending the Buckeye Regional.

Higher Ed STEM Opportunities at Glenn

Higher Ed: Glenn University Student Design Challenges (USDC)

The USDC comprises aeronautics-themed projects and space-themed projects, all of which encourage teams of participating students to use out-of-box approaches to solve specific problems to benefit NASA mission needs.

Higher Ed: NASA Glenn University Senior Capstone Projects

NASA Glenn seeks to strengthen its collaboration with Engineering and Science Departments within U.S. Universities and Colleges by offering Capstone projects to senior level undergraduate students. The Capstones are designed to provide authentic research, design and development opportunities for students, based upon current in-house research and engineering engagements. GRC provides technical expertise and guidance to complete the Capstone projects.

NASA Glenn Faculty Fellows facing camera

Higher Ed: NASA Glenn Faculty Fellowship Program

Research executed by participating faculty is aligned with one or multiple of NASA Glenn’s six Areas of Expertise which are Aircraft Propulsion; Communications Technology and Development; Space Propulsion and Cryogenic Fluids Management; Power, Energy Storage and Conversion; Materials and Structures for Extreme Environments; and Physical Sciences and Biomedical Technologies in Space. In addition, faculty members have the opportunity to work on one of several near-term focused research areas

University Days at Glenn

University Day is a virtual event designed to inspire and provide an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to learn about NASA’s Internship Program. This engaging event will include details of how to apply for a NASA internship and a live workshop, a virtual tour of a NASA Glenn facility, and a panel with NASA interns and mentors.

OSTEM Leadership at Glenn

Darlene S. Walker

Darlene Walker is the Director for the Office of STEM Engagement at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH.  Ms. Walker is responsible for the development and implementation of a portfolio of innovative partnerships and programs that leverage NASA’s unique mission content, facilities and workforce to improve the quality of science and math education nationally. 

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We Engage Students In NASA’s Mission

K-12 students can dig deeper into STEM topics and experience the thrill of exploration and discovery.

NASA makes vital investments in a diverse portfolio of learning opportunities and activities designed to reach as many U.S. students as possible – from kindergarten through graduate school. NASA seeks to build the next generation STEM workforce and broaden student participation to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM fields.

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Be A NASA Intern

NASA offers paid internships for high school and college-level students to contribute to agency projects under the guidance of a NASA mentor.

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