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Glenn Research Center Entry at night with lighted hangar in the background featuring the NASA meatball. Signs at the front drive say for the benefit of all.

About Glenn

Located near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Glenn’s main campus, Lewis Field, has world-class facilities including wind tunnels, drop towers, vacuum chambers, and a research aircraft hangar.

Cleveland, OhiO





Night View of Cleveland taken from aboard the International Space Station

Economic Impact

NASA Glenn contributes more than $1.9 billion annually to the state’s economy through jobs and business development opportunities.

Glenn Research Center hangar as viewed from the front

Visitor Policies

Visiting for tours or events requires advanced registration. Please review visitor policies before traveling to the center.

view inside the vacuum chamber lit with blue lighting.

Virtual Tours

Get an inside look at NASA Glenn's labs and test facilities. Select a tour and tap the icons to view videos, images, and see testing in action. 

Aerial View of the Space Environments Complex at Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky

Neil Armstrong Test Facility

A remote campus of Glenn Research Center, the Neil Armstrong Test Facility is situated on 6,700 acres in Sandusky, Ohio.

2022 Portrait of Dawn Schaible with U.S. and NASA flags in background

Deputy Center Director

Portrait of Larry Sivic with U.S. and NASA flags in background

Associate Center Director

Portrait of Robyn Gordon with U.S. and NASA flags in background

Director of Strategy