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NASA Glenn Virtual Tours

Get an inside look at NASA Glenn Research Center’s facilities. Select a tour and tap the icons to view videos, images and see testing in action.

man silhouetted in a blue lit wind tunnel holding an aircraft model for setup

8 x 6 Supersonic Wind Tunnel

NASA’s only transonic propulsion wind tunnel capable of speeds up to Mach 2.0. (1,260 mph).

Aircraft engine being testing in the 9 x 15

9 x 15 Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The most utilized low-speed propulsion acoustic facility of its kind in the world.

Advanced Ducted Propulsor (ADP) Fan Commissioning Test (side view) in the 9- by 15-Foot Low-Speed Wind Tunnel (9×15)

Electric Propulsion and Power Laboratory

Houses space environment simulation chambers to test electric propulsion and power systems.

The SHIIVER tank sits inside the In-Space Propulsion Facility’s vacuum chamber at NASA’s Plum Brook Station.

In-Space Propulsion Facility

Capable of testing full-scale upper-stage launch vehicles and rocket engines.

Man wears a winter coat, standing inside the Icing Research Tunnel with an instrument to measure the ice buildup on an aircraft component.

Icing Research Tunnel

This refrigerated wind tunnel is used to study the effects of ice on aircraft components.

inside the lab with the large gas gun barrels.

Ballistic Impact Lab

Large gas guns are used to perform ballistic impact tests for aerospace applications.

Man in blue shirt looks inside an aircraft from the drop-down steps. The aircraft sits in front of a large hangar building.

Flight Research Building

Houses the T-34C Mentor and Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft used for scientific and aeronautics tests.

A view of the equipment inside the propulsion systems lab.

Propulsion Systems Laboratory

Provides true flight simulation for experimental research on air-breathing propulsion systems. 

two vehicles in slope lab with blue lighting for dramatic effect

Simulated Lunar Operations Lab

A lab used to simulate lunar and Martian terrain conditions to test rovers and other technologies.

A view of the Orion Spacecraft as it sits inside the Space Environments Complex high bay. A large American flag is hung on the wall along with a poster that reads, "To the Moon and Beyond."

Space Environments Complex

Houses the world’s largest and most powerful space environment simulation facilities. 

A view inside the drop tower of the zero-gravity facility. A technician wearing a harness and a hard hat prepares a drop experiment.

Zero-Gravity Facility

World’s largest drop tower used to put experiments in simulated weightlessness.