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Artemis I Liftoff Activities
Underway Recovery Test 8 (URT-8): Day 1 Activities

Mission Support Directorate

The Mission Support Directorate (MSD) enables NASA mission success. We provide the tools, people, and capabilities to ensure NASA leadership in aerospace, science, and exploration. From the legal and procurement teams who secure vital contracts and acquisitions to the infrastructure management teams who oversee NASA facilities, roadways, and utilities. From the IT teams who provide dependable platforms and innovative tools to the human resources teams who ensure access to top talent. The work of the mission support community is foundational to mission success.

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A Message from the Associate Administrator

NASA is entering a new era of space exploration, science, and discovery. Commercial space travel is expanding. Aviation is evolving. International partners are joining us in exploring the stars. NASA’s missions are advancing scientific knowledge for the benefit of humanity and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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Robert Gibbs, AA for Human Capital Management
Portrait of Robert Gibbs on Monday, June 19, 2017 at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

The Mission Support Community

The Mission Support (MS) community encompasses the Mission Support Directorate (MSD), 13 Mission Support Enterprise Offices, three Technical Authorities, and leadership and support teams at 10 NASA centers, all providing enterprise services across NASA's missions and centers.

Space Launch System core stage stacking inside the VAB

Office of Strategic Infrastructure

Team at ksc

Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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NASA Shared Services Center

K-9 Spike is ready for the next training exercise with his handler K-9 Officer John McGee.

Office of Protective Services

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NASA Partnerships

Discover the wide variety of domestic and international partners that help to accomplish NASA's diverse missions.

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