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NASA Safety Center, Brookpark, Ohio
Inside the NASA Safety Center
Lobby, Ohio Aerospace Institute

NASA Safety Center

The NASA Safety Center (NSC) is part of NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance and supports the Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) requirements of NASA’s portfolio of programs and projects. We focus on improving the development of the personnel, processes and tools needed for the safe and successful achievement of NASA’s strategic goals.

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Cleveland, Ohio


October, 2006




Harmony Myers

Focus Areas and Capabilities

The NSC plays a pivotal role across all aspects of the agency’s missions.

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Professional Development

The NSC offers professional development opportunities to equip SMA community members with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to do their jobs with confidence and credibility.

Pressure vessel auditors

Assessments and Investigations

The NSC manages the agency’s SMA assessments, audits and investigations. The NSC provides collaborative, risk-based SMA assessments and investigations that promote mission success. It supports all SMA disciplines and addresses programs, projects and other agency needs and requests to help customers identify, assess and mitigate issues, concerns and risks.

Boeing Commercial Crew Program astronaut Josh Cassada waves before entering the pool at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory for ISS EVA training in preparation for future spacewalks while onboard the International Space Station at the Johnson Space Center April 12, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

Mishap Prevention

Mishap prevention is the NSC’s main goal. By supporting mishap investigations and sharing mishap data across NASA, the NSC helps reduce the occurrence of similar incidents and contributes to a more resilient agency.

Harmony Myers, NSC Director

Knowledge Sharing and Analysis

The NSC provides the infrastructure and Information Technology support services to inform and empower the SMA workforce. The NSC also enables NASA centers to learn from each other’s successes and mishaps by capturing SMA knowledge and experience from across the agency, developing safety resources, and coordinating and supporting events. Additionally, the NSC provides data management, analysis and reporting to translate safety data into actionable information.

Our People

The NSC team is dedicated to improving the development of the personnel, processes and tools needed to achieve NASA’s strategic goals safely and successfully. The NSC serves as a central resource of SMA knowledge, expertise and education for all NASA centers and facilities.

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NSC Director Harmony Myers and Deputy Director Bob Conway