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Mishap Prevention

Mishap prevention is the NASA Safety Center’s (NSC) main goal. By supporting mishap investigations and sharing mishap data across NASA, the NSC helps reduce the occurrence of similar incidents and contributes to a more resilient agency.

Boeing Commercial Crew Program astronaut Josh Cassada waves before entering the pool at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory for ISS EVA training in preparation for future spacewalks while onboard the International Space Station at the Johnson Space Center April 12, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

Risk-Driven Planning

While post-mishap work is important, it is only part of what the NSC does. The NSC uses data collected from past mishaps and shares it with the goal of increasing awareness and preventing future mishaps. The NSC is proactive in approaching mishaps and can assist NASA centers with planning drill scenarios and developing Mishap Preparedness and Contingency Plans.

Training and Tools

The NSC supports mishap investigations by providing training, tools and guidance and offers helpful tools related to mishaps, like the Root Cause Analysis Tool, the NASA Mishap Information System, investigation templates and checklists.

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