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Strategic Partnerships

The Astronaut Snoopy balloon is seen floating along in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on, Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022, in New York City.

Strategic Partnerships

NASA Strategic Partnerships
NASA’s Office of Communications sometimes enters into partnerships with organizations to support external projects that help tell NASA’s story or inspire interest in space and STEM careers. NASA generally supports projects that have the ability to reach large numbers of the public or non-traditional audiences, expanding our efforts beyond of the aerospace community.

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Additional Guidance

Guidelines for logo usage, merchandising requests, media usage, and advertising requests

This landscape of “mountains” and “valleys” speckled with glittering stars is actually the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Captured in infrared light by NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope, this image reveals for the first time previously invisible areas of star birth.

Images & Media

Access and use of NASA's images and media assets for educational, informational and commercial purposes

Film & Documentary

From providing footage to on-site filming learn more about working with NASA on documentary and film projects.


Guidance for companies seeking approval for producing NASA-related merchandise

NASA Meatball

Logos & Graphics

Guidance for use of NASA's Insignia (the "Meatball"), Logotype (the "Worm") and other supporting graphics.