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NASA Vendor Database

Welcome to the NEW NASA Vendor Database (NVDB)! This database is open to all businesses (large and small), and Colleges/Universities, who desire to work with NASA, as well as NASA employees who wish to view the landscape of prospective vendors.

The NVDB is solely utilized for information sharing, market research, and acquisition planning. The database may also be used by industry when searching for capabilities to support subcontracting opportunities or for networking purposes. Vendors are required to upload a capability statement when they register.

Vendors registered in the current NVDB, MUST re-register in the NEW database.

The current NVDB database will be decommissioned effective June 15, 2023, and will no longer accept new vendor profiles.

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For External Vendors

By registering your business into the NVDB, you are expressing interest in doing business with NASA and agreeing to share key information and capabilities of your business with NASA OSBP, NASA OP personnel and other registered vendors.

Steps to Register

Registering your business in the NASA Vendor Database is easy.

Step 1:

Register your business in

This step is required to register your business in the NASA Vendor Database

Step 2:

Create a NASA Guest Account to collaborate and share information.

Go to, and setup your NASA guest Account.

Step 3:

After you have a guest account, click the Login button, then click the Register button to register your company in the NASA Vendor Database.

Do a lookup of your company’s UEI to pull information from and review the information for accuracy.

Once you are ready to sign-up, click the register button and enter your information.

Technical Issues & Questions

Phone: 1-877-677-2123



This vendor list will also be shared with NASA Acquisition personnel who may send email alerts for NASA procurement notices as posted on

For Agency Users

If you are a NASA employee conducting market research, we encourage you to utilize the NVDB. The database houses vendors with capabilities within various North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.

In addition, agency users can retrieve and download searches, including vendor socioeconomic data, capabilities, as well as contact information. Agency users may utilize the NVDB to email vendors directly. A NASA Access Management (NAMS) request at is required to enable email functionality. (Accessible for approved agency users only.)

Attention: There is no required sign-up for NASA Civil Servants. The system operates on a single sign-on with NASA badge holders.

CLICK HERE: to access the NVDB today!

Disclaimer: Vendor information contained within the NASA Vendor Database does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by NASA.