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Testing and Analysis

With over 50 years of experience, White Sands Test Facility houses unique and comprehensive testing and analysis capabilities for evaluating material, component, and system behaviors in hazardous environments.
Our experts routinely performed materials properties determination, materials compatibility and toxicity analyses, detonation studies, flight article outgassing characterization, systems analysis, orbital debris impact simulation testing, and propellant characterization.

Testing flow

Propulsion Systems

Since the 1960s, we have been an integral part of every United States manned flight mission and have supported many other programs associated with the safe exploration of space. With over half a century of experience, we have led the way in propulsion system testing.

Hypervelocity Impact

Hypervelocity impact testing simulates micrometeoroids and orbital debris impacts on spacecraft shielding, components, and materials in various test configurations. With over two decades of extensive testing for NASA, DOD, other government agencies, and commercial industry our team has developed expertise and testing methods that allow us to complete over 600 shots per year with low costs.

Propellants and Aerospace Fluids

Supporting our propulsion testing as well as remote assistance to end users in aerospace and industry, we provide analysis of systems and operational safety, propellant spec analysis, personal protective equipment assessment and detection technologies for both industrial and flight applications.

Materials Flight Acceptance

Our Materials Flight Acceptance workforce perform testing designed to better understand, improve, and verify the systems, capabilities, and materials used in space flight, and ensure safety during manned space flights.