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White Sands Test Facility

As a self-contained facility, our on-site testing support, Environmental Management, Safety and Mission Assurance, and Protective Services personnel work hand-in-hand with our test teams to safely provide quick, accurate, and reliable test results. White Sands Test Facility Management System Policy: White Sands Test Facility is driven by commitment to our values, to exceed customer expectations, to proactively evaluate and comply with legal and other requirements, to prevention of pollution, and to continual improvement.

Leadership At White Sands Test Facility

Mary Burke

Deputy Director

Miguel Maes

Associate  Director

Nicholas L. Butain

NASA Technical Services Office Chief

Michael D. Owen

NASA Propulsion Test Office Chief

Karen M. Rodriguez

NASA Materials Components Laboratories Office Chief

James T. Kaufman

NASA Facility Engineering Office Chief

Timothy J. Davis

Environmental Office Chief

Max E. Leuenberger

NASA SMA Office Chief

Contact Us

Materials and Components Laboratories OfficeKaren M.
Propulsion Test OfficeMichael D.
Technical Services OfficeNicholas L.
Enviornmental OfficeTimothy J.
Safety and Mission AssuranceMax E.
Facility Engineering OfficeJ. Todd
Transportation OfficeJohn

External Relations Office

Office of Communications and Public Affairs: 281.483.5111 Info Recording: 281.483.8600

Visit WSTF

Visit Requests

Visits to our facility must be sponsored by a White Sands Test Facility badged employee (Foreign Nationals must be sponsored by a Civil Servant employee).

Approval may take up to 30 days so please plan appropriately.

Safety Review

Visitors to White Sands Test Facility must view the short video presentation below regarding their safety while at our facility.
Additional safety reviews may be necessary once on site.

Accepted Identification

Unexpired picture identification must be presented to security upon arrival at White Sands. A list of acceptable identification can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services web site on Form I-9.

Prohibited Items

Guns, alcohol, and drugs should not be brought on to NASA property and are subject to confiscation. Please note, in addition to these items, other items may be deemed as presenting a potential threat and may also be prohibited.


White Sands Test Facility is located at 12600 NASA Road.

Take U.S. HWY 70 east from Las Cruces, NM or west from Alamogordo, NM.

Exit on the NASA Road/Baylor Canyon Road Exit and continue 5 miles on NASA Road.

Warning and Traffic Lights

Controlled or restricted area warning/traffic lights are located at the entrance to each hazardous area and are also mounted on specific test stands or other areas. Red, amber, and green lights display the operational status of the testing area and are controlled by individual Test Conductors.

Dress and Footwear Guidelines

Visitors are required to wear long pants and sturdy shoes which fully cover the toes and heels due to safety concerns and uneven surfaces at White Sands. Visitors should be prepared for a broad temperature variation between night and day (~ 30 °F).

Area Information

Work With Us

Civil Service

Civil Service opportunities can be found at USAJOBS.

Coop/Internship Programs

For more information on internships, please visit Johnson Space Center’s Student Programs page. Information can also be found on the NASA Education site.

Contractor Opportunities

Several contracts support NASA goals at White Sands Test Facility and we are always looking for qualified, hardworking people.

Test, Evaluation, and Support Team (TEST) Contract

Rocket propulsion testing, materials and components testing, depot level repair of flight hardware, and maintenance and repair of test systems required for these activities are supported by:
     – Jacobs Technology
     – MEI Technologies

Environmental Compliance and Operations (ECO) Contract

Environmental services including hazardous waste management, operating permit compliance, environmental protection, and sustainability are contracted to:
– Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc.

IT Contracts

NASA End-User Services and Technologies (NEST)
     – LEIDOS
Advanced Enterprise Global Information Technology Solutions (AEGIS) 
     – LEIDOS
     – SAIC

Protective Services Contract

Security Services
     – Centerra
Fire Services
     – Jacobs Technology
Emergency Management
     – Jacobs Technology

Additional Contracts

Assurance engineering support
     – SAIC
Administrative/Clerical Services Contract
     – REDE/Critique NSS, Joint Venture
Bioastronautics Contract
     – Wyle
     – Kelsey-Seybold


Explore White Sands test Facility through photo gallery of site conservation projects.