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Tech Days 2018

Mirror Tech/SBIR/STTR Workshop 2018

Monday – November 5th, 2018
Mirror Tech/ SBIR/ STTR Workshop 2018

Government Technology Needs (OPEN)
2CrillNASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Technology NeedsJPL
3MorganHAbEx Technology NeedsNASA
4WestLUVOIR Technology NeedsNASA
5GaskinTechnology Needs for LYNX: Mirrors, Coatings and MetrologyNASA
6LivasLISA Telescope ChallengesNASA
SBIR Workshop (OPEN)
7LewisNASA SBIR Program Updates for 2019 SolicitationJPL
8ShaklanSBIR S2 topic Advanced Telescope SystemsJPL
9StahlNASA 2019 SBIR Subtopic S2.03NASA
10ShiriNASA 2019 SBIR Subtopic S2.04NASA
Additive Manufacturing Mirror Technology (OPEN)
11CasstevensAdditively Manufactured very lightweight diamond turned aspheric mirrors – phase 2Dallas Optical Systems
12DeFisherAdditive Manufacture of SiC MirrorsOptiPro
13Goodman3D Printed SiC Mirror Scalable to Meter-Class Segments for Far-Infrared Surveyor- Phase 2Goodman Tech
14GoodmanUltra-Lightweight, Ultra-Stable RoboSiC Additively Manufactured Lasercom Telescope-Phase 1Goodman Tech
Near-Zero CTE 3D Printed RoboSiC Deployable Truss Structures with Active Precision Adjustment-Phase 1
Goodman Tech
SiC Mirror Technology (OPEN)
16HanApplication of extended MARI concept to SiC mirrorsKASI
Space Telescope Architectures (OPEN)
17CroweNIAC Kilometer Space TelescopeRaytheon
Precision In-Space Manufacturing for Structurally-Connected Space Interferometry
Made In Space
HabEx (OPEN)
19P. StahlHabEx Architecture-A Telescope Specification and Design OverviewNASA
20M. Stahl
HabEx WFE Stability Specification Derived from Coronagraph Leakage
21P. StahlHabEx WFE Stability Error Budget Definition & STOP ModelingNASA
Tuesday – November 6th, 2018
22P. StahlMulti-Variable Cost Model for Ground and Space TelescopesNASA
23DipirroTechnology Needs for OSTNASA
Stable Telescope Technology (OPEN)
24EngPredictive Thermal ControlNASA
25MonroeUltra-Stable ALLVAR Alloy Development for Space TelescopesThermal Expansion Solutions
26FischerUltra-Stable Zero-CTE HoneySiC and H2CMN Mirror Support StructuresASCM
27Keski-kuhaUltra stable structures SAT statusNASA
28ParkUltra-Stable Picometer Scale Mirror Assembly DemonstratorSAO
Mirror Technology and Free-Form Optics (OPEN)
29EasterLarge-Scale, Low Cost, Molded SiOC Mirror ComponentSemplastics
31BlalockManufacturing of a Multi- Surface Freeform TelescopeOptimax
32BlalockImproving Freeform Manufacturing Using DeflectometryOptimax
33ConkeyFreeform Optics for Optical Payloads with Reduced Size and WeightVoxtel
Optical Metrology Technology (OPEN)
34ShaneProgrammable Phase Nulling Interferometer for Giant MirrorsBoulder Nonlinear
35ShiriLow Coherence Wavefront Probe for Nanometer Level Free-Form MetrologyApre
36TuckerImproving Precision Measurements for Space Structure MaterialsSouthern Research
X-Ray Technology (OPEN)
37TamkinIXPE Mirror Fabrication: Diamond Turning of Mirror MandrelsWavefront Tech
38TyurinaBeatMark Software to reduce the cost of X-Ray mirror fabricationSecond Star Algonumerix
Coating Technology (OPEN)
39QuijadaE-Beam Generated Plasma Etching for Developing High-Reflectance Mirrors for Far-Ultraviolet Astronomical Instrument ApplicationsNASA
40SheikPrecision Optical Coatings for Large Space Telescope MirrorsZecoat
41AlfredExploration of Amorphous Silicon as a Removable Barrier Layer for Aluminum Mirror CoatingsBYU
42LinfordMeasuring the Growth of Aluminum Oxide under Fluoride Barrier Layers by Ellipsometry and XPSBYU
43IgnatievThe In-Space Vacuum Deposition of Reflecting Coatings for the Fabrication of Functional Mirror MaterialsLunar Resources, Inc.
Straylight Suppression Technology (OPEN)
44TaylorRobust CNT Based Coating for Scattered Light SuppressionFaraday Tech
45KennelMicrowave syntheses of graphene decorated carbon nanotubes for stray light suppressionApplied Sciences
46HagopianProximity Glare Suppression using Carbon NanotubesAdv Nanophotonics
Wednesday – November 7th, 2018
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Technology (OPEN)
47TraugerThe Coronagraph Instrument on WFIRSTJPL
48KnightULTRA: Ultra-stable Large Telescope Research & AnalysisBall
49DewellSystem-Level Segmented Telescope DesignLMCO
50BierdenMEMS Deformable MirrorsBoston MM
51TabiryanBroadband Vector Vortices for High Contrast CoronagraphyBEAM Engineering
52WillemsNASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Starshade Technology ActivityJPL
53HarnessSubscale Starshade Test ResultsPrinceton U
54HamiltonStarshade Optical Edge Polymer-Based Contaminant Control/Elimination CoatingPhotonic Cleaning
55FreeburyStarshade Optical Edge Polymer-Based Contaminant Control/Elimination CoatingTendeg
Deformable Mirror Technology (OPEN)
56Qu32×32 switch array for driving a deformable mirror with voltage-resolution beyond 16-bitSunlite Science & Technology, Inc.
Glass Technology (ITAR)
56EdwardsToday’s ULESunlite Science
& Technology, Inc.
Mirror Technology (ITAR)
58MooneyAdvanced Mirror Construction – Additively Manufactured Mirrors and Rapid Deterministic FinishingHarris
59EastULTRA Study – Analysis Results for Picometer-Level Stability of Large Mirror SegmentsHarris
Active Mirror Technology (ITAR)
60MarkovDual-Sensor system for performance characterization of the large-size deformable mirrorsAdvanced Systems
& Technologies, Inc.
61KnightJWST OTIS Optical PerformanceBASD
62ChonisCross Check MatrixBASD
63WellsCryovac Testing of the JWST Primary Mirror, Updated alignment and WFE resultsHarris
64CoyleCryovac Optical Alignment Testing ResultsBASD
65ChonisActuator PerformanceBASD
66LightseyA retrospective on JWST PMSA manufacturing & verificationBASD
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