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Tech Days 2015

Mirror Tech/SBIR/STTR Workshop 2015

Tuesday – November 17th, 2015
Mirror Tech/ SBIR/ STTR Workshop 2015
Government Technology Needs (OPEN)
01HertzAstrophysics Division Technology NeedsNASA
02SieglerExoplanet Technology NeedsJPL
03SeeryCOR & PCOS Technology NeedsNASA
04BolcarLUVOIR Technology NeedsNASA
05MaxWFIRST Technology Needs
SBIR Workshop (OPEN)
06LewisNASA SBIR ProgramJPL
07ShaklanSBIR Topic S2 Need overviewJPL
08StahlSubtopic S2.03 Advanced Optical Systems & Fabrication/Testing/Control Technologies for EUV/Optical & IRNASA
09ShiriSubtopic S2.04 X-Ray Mirror Systems Technology, Coating Technology for XRay-UVOIR & Free-Form OpticsNASA
SBIR Commercialization Success Story (OPEN)
10GenbergSigFit Optomechanical Analysis Software, an SBIR success storySigmadyne
11NelsonOptimax SBIR commercialization successOptimax
SBIR Infusion Success Story (OPEN)
12LourieThe BLAST-TNG telescope for high-resolution balloon-borne submillimeter polarimetryU Penn
Telescope technology (OPEN)
13BreckinridgeHigh transmittance UVOIR Space Telescope prime focus concepts & technologiesBA
14MacEwenInfrastructure for a permanent LUVOIR Observatory in SpaceReviresco
15LillieDesigning for On-Orbit Assembly and ServicingLC
Capability Review (OPEN)
16YoungOptics Capability at Marshall Space Flight CenterNASA
Mission Concept Studies (OPEN)
17StahlATLAST-12 Mission Concept StudyNASA
Optical Coatings (OPEN)
18QuijadaWFIRST Prototype Filter Optical CharacterizationNASA
19SheikhLow-Stress Silicon Cladding for Surface Finishing Large UVOIR MirrorsZeCoat
20HagopianNanotube Black Coatings to suppress straylight and diffractionGeneral Nanophotonics
Optical Design (OPEN)
21SchiesserTools for Visualizing the Solution Space for Freeform Three-Mirror AnastigmatsUoR
Optical Manufacturing (OPEN)
22TricardOptics manufacturing at the sub-nanometer levelZygo
Monday – November 18th, 2015
Mirror Technology (OPEN)
23JensenLightweight, Scalable Manufacturing of X-ray Telescope OpticsReliaCoat
24ChenSmart materials optical mirrorsLightweight Telescopes
25HardestyMatching NiP on Be-38Al for Low Temp MirrorsPeregrine
26EasterUltra-low Cost Lightweight, Molded, Chalcogenide Glass-Silicon Oxycarbide Composite Mirror ComponentsSemplastics
27SawyerHeraeus Quartz Glass Opaque Fused Silica Optical DiffuserHeraeus
28CasstevensAdditive Manufactured Very Light Weight Diamond Turned Aspheric MirrorDOS
29GoodmanT300HoneySiC: A New Zero-CTE CMCTrex
30GoodmanSolid State Bonded CVC SiCR for Large UVOIR Telescope Mirrors and StructuresSolid State Bonded CVC SiCR for Large UVOIR Telescope Mirrors and StructuresTrex
31MedicusFreeform Advances at Optimax, Manufacturing and MeasurementOptimax
32MedicusAdditive Manufacturing for Lightweight MirrorsOptimax
33EngAdditive manufacturing of lightweighted mirrorsNASA
34SweeneyApplication and Testing of Additive Manufacturing for Mirrors and Precision StructuresGD
Optical Fabrication Technology (OPEN)
35MohringOptical Surface Results utilizing the 5 and 6-Axis UltraForm Finishing PlatformsOptiPro
36AlbertsAbrasive waterjet core cutting of ULEOrmond
37HanTool Influence Function (TIF) characteristics of SiC mirrorsKASI
Optical Metrology Technology (OPEN)
38YashchukInTILF Method for Analysis of Polished Mirror Surfaces: Current Status and PlansLBL
39DeFisherNon-Contact Metrology of Freeform SurfacesOptiPro
40EbersoleHigh Performance Computing (HPC) Accelerated Inverse Deflectometry for Mirror Segment MetrologySURVICE Eng
41StahlOverview & StatusNASA
42StahlCoronagraph WFE Stability ModelingNASA
43BrooksThermal Stability ModelingNASA
44EngTest plan and statusNASA
45ArnoldAMM Status and Point DesignNASA
Tuesday – November 19th, 2015
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEp) Technology (OPEN)
46LyonVisible Nulling CoronagraphNASA
47ShaklanCoronagraph Modeling ValidationJPL
48WarwickOptical Performance Demonstrations of a Starshade in the FieldNGA
49KimDesign of a starshade at flight Fresnel numbers in the labPrinceton
50ShaklanStarshade Technology StatusJPL
51DemersTechnology Development for the First High-Contrast Space Coronagraph – WFIRSTJPL
Deformable Mirror Technology (OPEN)

52CornelissenAdvancements in MEMS deformable MirrorsBMM
53HelmbrechtMEMS Deformable Mirror Development at Iris AOIris AO
Deformable Mirror Technology (ITAR)
54WuState of Art Driver ASICs for Advanced Deformable MirrorsMicroscale
Space Qualification Testing (ITAR)
55McCarterSingle Crystal Silicon SBIR Technology Infusion for Space Debris MitigationMcCarter
Image Processing (ITAR)
56CatanzaroWavefront coding to relax opto-mechanical tolerancesCFE
Mirror Technology (ITAR)
57WilsonCryo-Vac Testing of Large Autocollimating Flats for JWST Using a Skip TestHarris
58EgermanAMTD-2: Scaled down UVOIR mirror design and fabrication statusHarris
59MooneyAdvanced Mirror Construction for short cycle time, low cost, high precision mirrorsHarris
60GoodmanNicalon/HoneySiC: A New Zero-CTE CMC for Missile DefenseTrex
61StyerTrex CVC SiCR SM-3 Thermally Insensitive Silicon Carbide TelescopeTrex
Mission Concept Studies (ITAR)
62FeinbergATLAST-9.2m Stability Architecture UpdateNASA
63EisenhowerATLAST ULE mirror segment performance analytical predictions based on thermally induced distortionsSAO
64AtkinsonJWST OTE StatusNGC
65GreenhouseJWST Science Instrument Payload: Science Context and StatusNASA
66DalyJWST Integration StatusHarris
67FeinbergJWST Pathfinder Optical ResultsNASA
68ArenbergJWST Sunshield StatusNGC
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