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A new club policy and manual has been released and in order to become a recognized club at NASA-JSC all organizations (current or new) must abide by the new guidelines. All documentation must be submitted within 60 days (June 4 – August 2, 2019). 

To view the club manual click the links below:




Clubs promote and develop the interests and skills of their members in a specific area. Clubs can be competitive, recreations, or just social fun. 

Clubs are required to follow specific guidelines outlined by Starport and the NASA Exchange-JSC.
Clubs are also required to have a strong following to sustain the club. 
Clubs must appoint officers (ex. president, vice-president) that are NASA-JSC badged. However, if more officers are needed that is completely fine.  The club officers develop a specific constitution dedicated to its club for its members to follow. Clubs must have a minimum and base of 10 members who are NASA-JSC badged (this may include retirees who have a NASA-JSC retiree badge). After the 10 base members, the remaining club members can be comprised of 50/50 NASA-JSC badged and non-badged members. 


The mission of Starport NASA Exchange-JSC Clubs is to provide the NASA employees, partners, contractors, and their families with the opportunity to learn, practice, compete, and socialize for fun and/or at various competitive levels while developing organizational and leadership skills of their chosen area of interest. 



To register a group to become an official club, follow the club manual. All groups must have a minimum of 10 dedicated NASA-JSC badged individuals (badged members) ready to participate in the club.

Once all the documents from the check-list are complete they need to be turned into the Starport Inbox for processing:

For more information on creating a club or joining a club contact email the Starport Inbox: