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Reservation Guidelines & Rental Policy

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Gilruth Conference Center Rental Policy

Updated March 2024 

Starport operates a conference center specifically for NASA mission-related meetings, events, and activities at no cost if it furthers NASA’s mission and/or promotes employee morale.

Based on availability, Starport also welcomes the public to reserve conference space during excess capacity hours. It is important to note, that while the Gilruth Center is accessible to the public, it is not open to the public without prior approval. Patrons on federal property must be approved as guests. 

All requests for events and activities must be approved and confirmed prior to the event.

To ensure your reservation request is fulfilled to satisfaction please note the following best practices:

  1. Reservation request forms shall be submitted to the Starport Reservations Inbox at and coordinated at least two weeks in advance with the Starport Guest Relations Lead.
  2. When scheduling a reservation, please allow a minimum of one to two business days for the Guest Relations Lead to respond to your request. Requests are processed based on relevancy to NASA business, complexity of the reservation request, and the order in which the request was received.
  3. Please note reservations are not confirmed unless you receive a rental permit and or a direct statement of confirmation from the Guest Relations Lead.
  4. We recommend that customers who have intricate room setups and or Wi-Fi and A/V requirements, schedule a visit to the Gilruth Center prior to their event or meeting.
  5. Please note that non-NASA related or personal reservations requested by JSC employees do not take precedence over official NASA mission-related meetings and activities. Room fees are not discounted for personal use. If necessary, a reservation may be altered or changed with reasonable notice due to mission related requirements.

NASA Affiliation

0% Fee Category

Pricing is set based on NASA affiliation.  Official NASA mission-related meetings are not assessed a rental fee and are defined as:  

  • A NASA mission-related event sponsored by a JSC organization or Starport Partner company which directly relates to NASA’s mission (e.g., business meetings, employee training, organizational retreats, recognition events, holiday celebrations, award luncheons, NASA sponsored educational events, and/or all hands meetings).  
  • JSC Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) (12 instances per year) 
  • Officially recognized Starport Clubs* (12 instances per year) 
  • NASA Alumni League* (up to one board meeting and one member meeting per month, plus four socials per year in the Destiny Ballroom) 
  • Retirement Parties for Civil Servants or Starport Partner employees 

*Meeting space provided as availability allows, and except where noted, will not include the Destiny Ballroom. Events/meetings should not exceed 3 hours. Exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Starport Operations Manager and/or a Starport delegee.  

50% Fee Category

  • Space Settlement Design Competition  
  • Houston Aerospace Scholars  
  • Space Family Education, Inc. (graduation event with prior approval from the Exchange Operations Manager)
  • Memorials for current or former Civil Servant or Starport Partner employees 
  • Other NASA business events that are approved by the Center Director may be considered by the Starport Operations Manager 

100% Fee Category

  • Other federal agencies  
  • Professional organizations  
  • Unofficial employee sponsored or personal events 
  • Unofficial external/public events conducted during excess capacity hours   

Please note – all reservations may be changed, altered, or canceled due to mission related requirements, weather issues, public health related issues, or due to unforeseen circumstances.  Also, all Agency and Center safety and health guidelines in place on the date of the event must be followed (this may include spatial distancing, wearing a mask and other measures).  

Food and Beverages


  • Caters must be approved by Starport prior to the event. Guests can use any of the caterers from the approved list found here.
  • If a desired caterer is not currently on the approved list, arrangements can be made to add that caterer. Please complete the Request a Caterer form and return the paperwork to a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.   
  • Guests are also permitted to bring their own food and beverages to any reservation at Gilruth; however, due to fire safety requirements, the type of food and/or beverage must be communicated to the Guest Relations Lead within one week prior to the reservation. 

Beer and Wine

  • Only beer and wine are allowed at the Gilruth. Liquor is not allowed.  
  • For events under 50 participants, JSC guidelines allow guests to self-serve beer and wine for their event.  
  • For any event with greater than 50 participants where beer and wine will be served, a certified Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission server must be retained.  
  • A list of certified servers is available from the Guest Relations Lead. There is a charge of $40/hour if you elect to use one of our servers.
  • You may also choose to provide your own TABC Certified Server, in which case you must send a copy of their certification to a minimum of one week prior to your event or meeting.