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Personal Training

Are you looking for a challenging, time-efficient workout based on your individual fitness goals? Look no further, Starport has a variety of personal trainers who will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal Training Requests

To get started:

Please complete the Online Form, email, or call us at 281-483-0304. Newly registered clients will be contacted within 48 business hours by Starport’s Personal Training staff.

Meet the Trainers



B.S. in Nutrition & Fitness, ACSM-EP, Precision Nutrition Coach


It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. – Albus Dumbledore

About Cassi

After a traumatic high school injury, Cassi began her journey to Certified Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Coach. She aims to keep a balance between healthy living and a deep appreciation of anything sweet and helps clients to live a balanced lifestyle as well. She spends her free time reading, hanging out with her dogs, and air frying anything and everything.

Training Philosophy

Inspire and educate clients to have a sustainable approach to fitness. Practice foundational movement patterns and proper technique. Equip others so they can help themselves.


Nutrition ~ Weight Management ~ Behavior Modification & Lifestyle ~ First Steps



B.S. Fitness and Human Performance, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Slow but steady wins the race. – Aesop

About Matthew

Since an early age, Matthew has been fascinated by the body’s ability to adapt and change. Continuously researching methods to lose bodyfat and gain muscle mass, Matthew has developed a deep respect for the processes necessary to achieve improved health and fitness. This knowledge and passion allow Matthew to connect with clients, genuinely understanding what it takes to achieve both mental and physical change. In addition, Matthew is a cookie connoisseur who loves animals, enjoys camping, learning Spanish, and watching any form of comedy.

Training Philosophy

Establish fitness habits that are achievable and sustainable, focus on movement quality, and incorporate strength, endurance, mobility, and stability into every fitness program.


General health and wellness ~ Novice trainees ~ Body compositional change

Personal Training Rates

30-Minute Sessions

Session PackagesPer Session CostTotal CostPayment Type
1$30$30One payment
4$28$112One payment
8$27$216One payment
16$26$416One payment
24$26$624$312 per month for 2 months
48$24$1,152$288 per month for 4 months

60-Minute Sessions

Session PackagesPer Session CostTotal CostPayment Type
1$50$50One payment
4$48$192One payment
8$46$368One payment
16$44$704One payment
24$44$1,056$528 per month for 2 months
48$42$2,016$504 per month for 4 months

Personal Training Policies

  • All Personal Training must be purchased and paid for at the Member Services desk
  • Clients may elect to transfer to a different trainer at any time for any reason by contacting the Fitness Manager
  • Individual training sessions will be conducted as one-on-one training sessions
  • Partner or small group training is available upon request
  • Personal Training may only be conducted by current Starport trainers
  • Trainers and Clients are expected to comply with all Starport facility policies
  • Personal Training sessions are non-transferable between clients unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Fitness Manager
  • No shows or late cancelations will be charged in full
  • Personal training packages expire in double the amount of time in relation to number of sessions. For example, if an 8-session package is purchased the client has 16 weeks to use them
  • There are no refunds on unused personal training unless Starport is unable to service the Client
  • Personal training is purchased with Starport and not the individual trainer. Starport will make every reasonable effort to service the client and fulfill the sessions that a client has purchased

Cancellation Policies

  • Starport has a 24-hour cancelation policy. Personal Training sessions must be cancelled a minimum of 24-hours in advance, otherwise a full-service charge may be applied
  • To cancel a session, please notify the Personal Trainer directly or a Member Services Representative at 281-483-0304
  • Failure to notify will be considered a no show and will result in the client being charged for the full session
  • If cancellations become a recurring issue, the trainer reserves the right to terminate or modify any further planned training sessions. This may result in losing your preferred time slot
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