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Disclaimer: Starport maintains an Employee Discount Program for the JSC workforce and is open to any badged JSC/NASA employee on and off site. Once an eligible JSC Starport patron enters a particular program with a discount provider participating in the JSC Starport Employee Discount Program, the patron is responsible for dealing directly with that provider regarding concerns or issues of any nature. Vendors participating in the JSC Starport Employee Discount Program are authorized to provide discounts, but JSC and Starport does not endorse or sponsor any of the products or services included in the program and is not affiliated, associated, or connected in any way with the sources of those products or services. JSC Starport patrons need to contact vendors directly with questions, concerns, comments and/or complaints. The JSC Starport Employee Discount Program is to be viewed as an avenue linking eligible JSC patrons to discount opportunities. Although neither the JSC nor the JSC Starport Employee Discount Program is responsible for precise details of any vendor offer, Starport seeks input (praise, criticism, etc.) regarding discount products. Starport will take certain products off the list if the entity is not responsive to patron’s concerns or complaints.