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Vending Machines

chips in a vending machine

Vending in Building 4S

4S vending is performed by Sean Wright, the operator that runs the 4S Liftoff Café. All other vending machines at JSC are serviced by Barrett Vending.

Experiencing an issue with a B4S vending machine? For 4S, please call (979) 574-7405 or email

For all other vending machines, please reach out to Barrett Vending (713) 680-8638 or email

Refunds from Barrett Vending

1) Refund Sticker. For cash refunds, each machine has a sticker notifying you of the nearest location to receive your refund immediately. There are six different locations which you can access.

2) QR Stickers- located on every machine. Scan the QR code bar and you will access the link to Barrett Vending prompting you to refunds, allowing you to leave the machine number, location of the machine, as well as your information. Barrett Vending will reply either by email or phone notifying you of how to receive your refund.

3) Card Reader touch screen. The touch screen allows you to prompt Barrett Vending for a refund. You will be contacted either by email or phone on how to receive your refund.