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Fitness Memberships

Woman at the gym talking to receptionist about membership plans

Engage | Enrich | Energize

Engage in the way that best suits you! Starport fitness memberships are all inclusive:

  • Get strong in our 7000 sq. ft. Strength & Cardio Center
  • Workout with others by participating in one or all of our Group Exercise classes
  • Play in the gymnasium during open gym or scheduled drop-in sporting times

Membership Eligibility

The following individual are eligible for Starport Fitness Memberships:

  • NASA Affiliated (a NASA badge is required to obtain this membership)
    • NASA Civil Servants
    • NASA JSC Contractors
    • NASA Interns
    • NASA Affiliated Retirees
      • Retirees from NASA or a current JSC Contracting companies are eligible if they provide official retirement documentation to satisfy the eligibility requirement
    • NASA Affiliated Family Member
      • Family members of current NASA Affiliated individuals are eligible if Starport receives in-person endorsement or written confirmation from a professional email associated with NASA or a NASA JSC Contractor
      • The NASA affiliated person is not required to have a membership in order to allow a family members to sign -up
      • Family members must meet age requirements outlined in Starport’s Facility Rules and Regulations
  • Community Members (a government issued ID for is required during membership sign-up)
  • NASA Alumni League (a current NAL membership is required during membership sign-up)
  • Starport Partners (sponsorship from a current Starport Partner company is required to maintain this membership)

To sign up for a membership, please visit us at the Gilruth Center. For expedited service please fill out our membership form in advance

Membership Costs

Options1DurationsCostThe ‘Not So Small Print’
NASA AffiliatedMonthly2
No initiation or cancelation fees
Pay for 11 months & get 12 months
Community MembersMonthly2
No initiation or cancelation fees
Pay for 11 months & get 12 months
NASA Alumni LeagueAnnual$199Monthly option is discounted NASA affiliate membership3
Starport Partners4Annual$0Company Sponsored (October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024)

1 All membership options require the appropriate eligibility

2 Monthly memberships are purchased on an auto-renew/charge basis and require a minimum of (5) five business days to cancel prior to the next auto draft day

* Membership cancelations must be submitted via email to

4 If you are interested in more info about corporate Starport Partnerships please click here

Guest Passes

Please note that Starport has limited capacity for community members and guests. All guests must meet the following criteria to gain access to the fitness facilities:

Guest Pass Requirements (must have one)

  1. A guest of any Starport Member
  2. A NASA badge holder (this is valid for any official NASA affiliation)

Guest Pass Rules:

  • Guest passes have to be sold under members Activenet account. Guest can pay
  • Member must be present and escort guest during time in the facility
  • Members will be held responsible for any negative outcomes that occur as a result of their guests
  • Member must sign guest waiver prior to guest entry
  • Government ID required for all guests 18 years & older
  • Guests are expected to follow all JSC and Starport rules2 guests maximum per day
  • Guest passes are $10 per day (valid day of purchase only)

  • A NASA Badge holder may purchase a week pass for $15
  • No sponsorship required for NASA badge holders
  • Motionvibe accounts must be created for all weekly guests

  • Any patron trying to sneak in will be banned from the facility

Starport App

Download our app for quick and easy check-in and to stay up to date with everything going on at Starport. Please make sure to register in the app by clicking on the “Sign up now” link.

  1. Download the App:
    1. For iPhone – Go to or search “NASA Starport” in the App store
    2. For Android – Go to or search “NASA Starport” in Google Play
  2. Click on the “Sign up now”
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
  4. Click “Continue” button
  5. Fill in the following fields:
    1. New Password
    2. Confirm Password
  6. Click “Continue” button
  1. Click “View Schedule” under the Group Fitness tile
  2. Click on the desired class to register
  3. Click “Register” button (“View details” button will give a description of the class)
  4. Double check your reservation has been added, if you navigate to your time you selected then the “Register now” will be an orange “Unregister” button
  5. Please note to check in to a class upon arrival with the instructor or the front desk
    • Please make sure you arrive and are checked in on time for the class to avoid risk of losing your spot
  6. Click “Got It!”

In addition:

  • It is recommended that you register for GroupX classes as space may be limited
  • Class registrations open at 5 am one week prior to the class
  • If you have registered and are unable to make it, please unregister to allow others that may be on a waiting list to take your space
  • Group Exercise waiting list participants may join the class if there is space when class starts
  • Once a class starts – if you have registered and are not present, your spot is no longer guaranteed and can be given to someone on the waiting list
  • If a participant has 2 no shows, they will not be able to pre-register for future classes