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Starport Partners & Sponsorships

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What is Starport?

Starport is the branded name for the NASA Exchange JSC. Starport is a quality-of-life program that directly supports the mission of the Johnson Space Center by providing a variety of activities and employee services including wellness programs, fitness, recreational services, food and vending services, retail operations, employee celebrations and convenience services.

How is Starport Funded?

Starport is a non-appropriated funded instrumentality of the government designed to provide employee morale and welfare services to the JSC workforce. As an instrumentality, we do not receive direct funding from the government. Our goal is to generate enough funding to cover costs necessary to plan, produce, promote, and manage the services we provide to the JSC team.

Why Support Starport?

When you support us, you directly support exceptional programs for not only the JSC workforce, but families and retirees also, providing a sense of community, encouraging connection, and aiding in recruitment and retention efforts. The JSC Team consists of a workforce of ~3,000 employees and over 8,000 contractors. When we include family members and friends, we impact 15,000 or more with our programs and services throughout the year.

How do you Partner with Starport?

NASA Exchanges can solicit funding or in-kind assistance through commercial sponsorships, provided that the NASA Exchange – JSC makes no endorsements, all agreements are in writing, and with the concurrence of the JSC Chief Counsel. Two impactful ways to partner:

  1. Starport Partnerships: bundled benefits for use of Starport’s most popular facilities and services.
  2. Sponsorships: monetary and/or in-kind assistance to support the cost of events in exchange for recognition, exposure, or other similar benefits.

Current Starport Partners

Aegis AerospaceKBR
Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.Logical Innovations, Inc.
BoeingLZ Technology Inc.
Booz Allen HamiltonMetecs
Collins AerospaceNLT
DB ConsultingNorthrop Grumman
Geo Controls Systems Inc.PAE
Intuitive MachinesROTHE Development Inc.
J&P TechnologiesSAIC
JacobsS&K Global Solution
JES TechWellby Financial

To our 2023-2024 Starport Partners:

Thank you for your support of the JSC Community!

Starport Partnerships

The Starport Partnership Program is designed to allow NASA contractors equal access to Starport programs and services. The Partnership is comprised of Starport’s most popular services, bundled at discounted rates.

Partnership Benefits include: 

  • Exclusive access to deep discounts on gym memberships, personal training, massages, meeting room space, and NASA merchandise
  • Expert advice on fitness, wellness, and engagement activities for individuals and companies
  • Convenient hours and location for employees to work out or meet while on NASA’s campus
  • Convenient large and small event space that does not require badging
  • Workplace wellness programming and competitive sports leagues
  • Company space on Starport’s website to promote your company’s recruiting efforts
  • Employee dependent eligibility for the JSC Scholarship Program
  • Opportunity to show your company’s commitment to the health, wellness, and engagement of the entire JSC community, enabling the ‘Unite’ aspect of Dare, Unite, Explore

Through the continued support of Starport’s Partners, we are able to provide excellent employee morale and wellness activities to the entire JSC community.

If your company is interested in learning more about the Starport Partnership Program, please contact Chasity Williams at or 281-792-7794.

Starport Sponsorships

Starport can accept monetary and/or in-kind assistance to support the cost of events, in exchange for recognition, exposure, or other similar benefits.

Sponsorship investment contributes to all of Starport’s robust services and programs. The amount and kind of support provided is negotiable and based on a fair and equitable exchange of value. Sponsorship may be in the form of financial contributions, products, or services, or a combination of all three.

It’s important to note that sponsorships are not a charitable donation but rather a good faith contribution to improve the quality-of-life for the JSC Team (employees and contractors alike). We will do our part to ensure you receive the value you desire from your investment in Starport. Our goal in every sponsor relationship is win-win! Please see example packages below.  

Starport Sponsorship Packages

Vendor Opportunities

Are you a vendor that wants to partner with Starport? Great! We are always looking for reputable companies looking to offer great discounts on quality products and services for the NASA community. Please read our Employee Discount Program Policy and then sign the Employee Discount Vendor Agreement and return to us for consideration into our Employee Discount Program.

For more information on the Discount Program contact Ashley Idema at​