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Marshall Safety Capabilities

Space shuttle Atlantis launches.The Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center leads the entire Marshall workforce in its commitment to assuring mission success and making the workforce and the work of the center and the agency as safe as possible.

We focus on safety in three areas:

Mission & Flight Safety -- A primary safety mission at the Marshall Center is ensuring the safe and proper execution of all research and flight programs and mission-related activities. Marshall safety and mission assurance personnel conduct and support safety, reliability and risk management analyses and oversee all in-house and prime contractor fabrication, inspection, test and evaluation activities tied to spaceflight missions. The Directorate develops, maintains and implements policies, tools and techniques, in accordance with NASA and federal requirements, for ensuring safety procedures are followed centerwide -- ensuring the safest possible flight programs and other space missions.

Personal & Workforce Safety -- The Marshall Center complies with all health and safety requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other federal guidelines. Qualified Marshall safety and mission assurance representatives conduct inspections, train employees and contractors and cultivate NASA's safetyculture to protect the lives of every worker on-site and those who conduct Marshall work anywhere else in the world.

Facilities & Environmental Safety -- Marshall safety and mission assurance personnel monitor facilities and laboratories across the center to protect NASA's financial investment in the physical resources of the center. They conduct routine quality-assurance checks on all hardware, tools and other resources to ensure the strictest possible adherence to workplace and environmental safety guidelines.

Marshall Safety Resources

Marshall Center Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate bannerAwareness Training
Important information for those planning work activities at the Marshall Center.
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