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Media Relations Contacts



Media points of contact:

Maria Alberty, technology and small sats: 650-604-1789
Jessica Culler, news chief, web and social media: 650-604-4110 
Michele Johnson, Kepler: 650-604-6982
Sharon Lozano, science: 650-604-6982
Paul McKim and James Schwab, aeronautics and partnerships: 650-604-0643 and 650-604-3937
Nick Veronico, SOFIA: 650-224-8726

Other frequent contacts:

Internal communications, Astrogram newsletter
Astrid Albaugh, 650-604-3347

Legislative affairs:
Lisa Lockyer, 650-604-3009

International affairs:
Terence Pagaduan, 650-604-1181

Education and public engagement:
Brenda Collins, 650-604-3540

Community relations:
Sheila Johnson, 650-604-5054

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