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We frequently receive popular questions from the public about the research that takes place at the NASA Ames Research Center. Please see the links below for answers to questions you may have. 

Aerial view of the buildings that make up the Ames Research Center (ARC) campus

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please email:

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A-Z List of NASA Educational Publications – can be downloaded here

Artemis Program to Explore the Moon

Asteroid Watch and Center for Near Earth Object Studies

Contact NASA

Climate Change and Global Warming

Contacting Crows Landing Airport

Contractor Company Listing at Ames

Donations to outside organizations/groups/individuals/raffles: NASA can not make a donation, no matter how good the cause, because it amounts to preferential treatment

Employment Verification/Questions about NASA Personnel – NSSC Contact Information

Meteorites – confirming/identifying them: NASA does not provide this service, to identify, confirm, or purchase meteorites found by the public. Please search the internet for this information.

Moffett Airfield Usage Requests

Moffett Airfield – Operations/Noise Complaints/Maintenance

NASA at Home (for kids: space-related crafts, science experiments, coloring books)

NASA Spinoffs – NASA Technologies that benefit life on Earth in the form of commercial products.

Space Place (for kids)

Space Science Data Coordinated Archive/NASA

NASA STI Repository (NTRS) program – Aerospace-related citations, full-text documents, images, and videos created or funded by NASA.

Submit a Question for NASA

Submitting an Idea/Proposal/Invention to NASA

Technical Reports Server/NASA

Trace Space Back to You – How space exploration and research impact your daily life.

Where to Launch Model Rockets – model rockets are not launched at Ames/Moffett Field