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Gemini 5 mission patch showing an old wagon with the words Gemini 5, Cooper and Conrad

Gemini V

Gemini V, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles "Pete" Conrad was the third crewed Earth-orbiting spacecraft of the Gemini series. The flight was designed to last eight days and test rendezvous procedures. The major objectives of this mission were to demonstrate a long-duration crewed flight, evaluate the effects of long periods of weightlessness on the crew, and test rendezvous capabilities and maneuvers using a rendezvous evaluation pod. Secondary objectives included demonstration of all phases of guidance and control systems to support rendezvous and controlled reentry guidance, to evaluate the fuel cell power system and rendezvous radar, to test the capability of either pilot to maneuver the spacecraft in orbit to close proximity with another object, and to conduct 17 experiments.

Mission Type

Human Spaceflight

mission duration

7 days, 22 hours, 55 minutes, 14 seconds


Aug. 21, 1965


Aug. 29, 1965
Two astronauts in suits lay upside down in spacecraft with assistance staff
S65-28750 (21 Aug. 1965) — Astronauts L. Gordon Cooper Jr. (left) and Charles Conrad Jr. are seen in the Gemini-5 spacecraft in the white room at Pad 19 just after insertion.
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