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The Gemini X patch showing a roman numeral 10 with two stars and a rendezvous graphic

Gemini X

Occurred 58 years ago

Gemini X was the eighth crewed Earth-orbiting spacecraft of the Gemini series, carrying astronauts John Young and Michael Collins. Its primary purpose was to conduct rendezvous and docking tests with the Agena target vehicle. The mission plan included a rendezvous with the Gemini 8 Agena target, two extravehicular activity (EVA) excursions, and the performance of 15 scientific, technological, and medical experiments. The scientific experiments were related to (1) zodiacal light, synoptic terrain, and synoptic weather photography, (2) micrometeorite collections, (3) UV astronomical camera, (4) ion wake measurements, and (5) meteoroid erosion.

Mission Type

Human Spaceflight

mission duration

2 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes, 39 seconds


July 18, 1966


July 21, 1966
John Young and Mike Collins on the USS Guadalcanal
The crew of the Gemini 10 X, astronaut John W. Young (left), command pilot, and Michael Collins, pilot, aboard the recovery ship USS Guadalcanal on July 21, 1966. The astronauts were picked up from the ocean by a recovery helicopter and flown to the Guadalcanal to begin postflight medical and technical debriefings.
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