NASA Organization Structure

NASA Organization Structure

Office of the Administrator
  Administrator: Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
  Associate Administrator: Robert Lightfoot
       Deputy Associate Administrator: Lesa Roe
  Chief of Staff: David Radzanowski
  Deputy Chief of Staff: Michael French
       Office of Evaluation: Helen Grant (Acting)
  Associate Deputy Administrator: Richard Keegan
  Associate Deputy Administrator, Strategy & Policy: Rebecca Spyke Keiser
       Office of Strategy Formulation
  Assistant Associate Administrator: Arthur Maples (Acting)

Advisory Groups
  NASA Advisory Council (NAC)
    Chairman: Steven Squyres
  Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP)
    Chairman: Vice Admiral Joe Dyer USN, (Ret)

Office of the Inspector General
    Inspector General: Paul K. Martin

Administrator Staff Offices
    Chief Engineer: Ralph Roe
    Chief Financial Officer: Elizabeth Robinson
    Chief Information Officer: Larry Sweet
    Chief Scientist: Ellen Stofan
    Chief Technologist: David W. Miller
    Chief Health and Medical Officer: Richard Williams
    Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance: Terrence W. Wilcutt
    Diversity and Equal Opportunity:
            Associate Administrator: Brenda Manuel
           Associate Administrator for Education (Acting): Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson
    International and Interagency Relations:
            Associate Administrator: Michael F. O'Brien
    General Counsel: Sumara M. Thompson-King
    Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs:
            Associate Administrator: L. Seth Statler
    Office of Communications
            Associate Administrator: David Weaver
    Small Business Programs:
            Associate Administrator: Glenn Delgado

Mission Directorates
    Aeronautics Research
            Associate Administrator: Jaiwon Shin
    Human Exploration and Operations
            Associate Administrator: William Gerstenmaier
            Associate Administrator: John Grunsfeld
    Space Technology
            Associate Administrator: Michael Gazarik

Mission Support Directorate
    Mission Support Directorate
            Associate Administrator: Richard Keegan
                Human Capital Management:
                    Assistant Administrator: Jeri Buchholz
                Strategic Infrastructure:
                    Assistant Administrator: Calvin F. Williams
                Headquarters Operations:
                    Executive Director: Jay M. Henn
                NASA Shared Services Center:
                    Executive Director: Mark Glorioso
                Internal Controls and Management Systems:
                    Director: Nancy A. Baugher
                    Assistant Administrator: Bill McNally
                Protective Services:
                    Assistant Administrator: Joseph S. Mahaley
                NASA Management Office:
                    Director: Marcus Watkins

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NASA Centers

Ames Research Center
IT, fundamental aeronautics, bio and space science technologies
› Director: Simon P. Worden

Armstrong Flight Research Center
Flight research
› Director: David D. McBride

Glenn Research Center
Aeropropulsion and communications technologies.
› Director: James M. Free

Goddard Space Flight Center
Earth, the solar system, and Universe observations
› Director: Christopher J. Scolese

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robotic exploration of the solar system
› Director: Charles Elachi

Johnson Space Center
Human space exploration
› Director: Ellen Ochoa

Kennedy Space Center
Prepare and launch missions around the Earth and beyond
› Director: Robert Cabana

Langley Research Center
Aviation and space research
› Director: Stephen Jurczyk

Marshall Space Flight Center
Space transportation and propulsion technologies
› Director: Patrick Scheuermann

Stennis Space Center
Rocket propulsion testing and remote sensing technology
› Director: Dr. Richard J. Gilbrech

NASA Facilities

Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Broad study of global climate change
› Director: Dr. Gavin A. Schmidt

Independent Verification and Validation Facility
Provides safety and cost-effectiveness for mission critical software
› Director: Gregory D. Blaney

Michoud Assembly Facility
Michoud provides vital support to NASA, including the manufacture and assembly of critical hardware components for exploration vehicles.

NASA Engineering and Safety Center
NASA Engineering and Safety Center's (NESC) mission is to perform value-added independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA's high-risk projects to ensure safety and mission success.
›  Director: Tim Wilson

NASA Safety Center
Focuses on the development of personnel, processes and tools needed for the safe and successful achievement of NASA's strategic goals.
›  Director: Alan Phillips

NASA Shared Service Center
Provides consolidated activities in the areas of financial management, human resources, information technology, and procurement.
›  Executive Director: Mark Glorioso

Wallops Flight Facility
Suborbital Research Programs
› Director: William Wrobel

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