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Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer

Providing for the health and wellness of the entire NASA workforce, discovering new insights into medicine, educating the next generation, and innovating for the benefit of space exploration and humanity.

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JD's Corner

As NASA’s Chief Health and Medical Officer and Health and Medical Technical Authority, I am continually astounded by the exceptional dedication and technical expertise of our teams. Their work across a spectrum of programs—from the International Space Station and Commercial Crew Programs to the Artemis and Gateway projects—exemplifies the pinnacle of human ingenuity and a deep understanding of space physiology, space medicine, and human factors. The success of our partnerships with our International Partners, as well as with SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed, Blue Origin, and other commercial entities in advancing landers, rovers, capsules, modules, cargo and the X-59 is a testament to our collective commitment to exploration and safety. I encourage you to take a deep look at this website, including the standards, tech authority, and other pages. We are committed to the knowledge transfer of our many years of experience in space medicine and human systems integration. This transfer of our lessons learned in human spaceflight to our commercial and international partners is not just a task; it’s a mission-critical endeavor that ensures the well-being of astronauts and the success of our journey from the Moon to Mars. The technical prowess of our teams is not merely a reflection of their skills but also of their passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making us all successful in the vast expanse of space.

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Dr. James D. “JD” Polk, NASA Chief Health and Medical Officer


Employee Assistance Program

NASA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is based on the Office of Personnel Management’s Work-Life recommendations.

Animal Welfare Concern(s)

If you witness or suspect the misuse of animals, inadequate animal care, or other noncompliance, you are encouraged to report your concern(s) to the Chief Veterinary Officer and the Office of Research Assurance.

Human Space Flight Technical Briefs

Technical Briefs are available for standards that offer technical data, background, and application notes for vehicle developers and medical professionals.

To Research, Evaluate, Assess, and Treat (TREAT) Astronauts Act

The TREAT Astronauts Act authorizes NASA to monitor, diagnose, and treat medical and psychological conditions associated with spaceflight.

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Bright galaxies and other light sources in various sizes and shapes are scattered across a black swath of space: small points, hazy elliptical-like smudges with halos, and spiral-shaped blobs. The objects vary in color: white, blue-white, yellow-white, and orange-red. Toward the center right is a blue-white spiral galaxy seen face-on that is larger than the other light sources in the image. The galaxy is labeled “former home galaxy.” Toward the upper left is a small red point, which has a white circle around it and is labeled “GRB 230307A kilonova.”