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Small Steps, Giant Leaps

NASA’s technical workforce put boots on the Moon, tire tracks on Mars, and the first reusable spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. Learn what’s next as they build missions that redefine the future with amazing discoveries and remarkable innovations.

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Episode 131Jun 12, 2024

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 131: The Artemis Lunar Terrain Vehicle

In this episode, Jacob Bleacher, NASA’s chief exploration scientist, tells us about the science goals of the Artemis Lunar Terrain Vehicle and how NASA is collaborating with industry to explore more of the Moon’s surface than ever before.

Episode 130May 29, 2024

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 130: Ingenuity’s Final Flight: Lessons Learned

Teddy Tzanetos shares his project management experiences and lessons learned from leading the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter demonstration mission, the first test of powered, controlled flight on another world.

Episode 129May 8, 2024

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 129: Accelerating Discoveries with Open Science

In this episode, Dr. Chelle Gentemann, Open Science Program Scientist for the Office of the Chief Science Data Officer, explains NASA’s initiative to make science more collaborative, accessible, and inclusive. Known as Transform to Open Science, or TOPS, the program encourages increased access to research and data.

Episode 128Apr 24, 2024

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 128: Engineering Inflatable Structures for Space

How inflatable habitats moved from concept papers to the International Space Station, and what NASA is doing to eventually put one on the Moon.