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Occupational Health

Provides oversight of occupational health operations for NASA employees in all environments, including space flight and ground activities, to optimize employee performance and wellbeing.

OH Organization Chart (coming soon) about Occupational Health

Meet Dr. Spurgeon, Director of Occupational Health and team leads

Dr. Jade Spurgeon

Director, Health and Medical Systems

Dr. Angel Plaza

Senior Environmental Health Officer (SEHO)

Dr. Olga Emgushov

Senior Medical Officer (SMO), Employee Health

Dr. Azhar Rafiq

Director of Health Informatics (DHI), Health Information Technology

Disciplines of Occupational Health

Occupational Medicine

Learn about the history of Glenn Research Center.

Environmental Health

Learn about the history of Glenn Research Center.

Mission: HEALTH

Learn about the history of Glenn Research Center.

Aerospace Medicine

Learn about those of the NASA corps who make “space sailing” their career profession.

Employee Assistance Program

NASA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all NASA employees and provides direct counseling, access to employee support groups, and leads outreach initiatives.

Learn More about Employee Assistance Program