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Lagniappe is the monthly newsletter for NASA Stennis Space Center.

NASA conducts an RS-25 hot fire test on the Fred Haise Test Stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi on June 22, 2023.

Issues from 2024

This view of NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was generated using data collected by the Mastcam-Z instrument aboard the agency's Perseverance Mars rover on Aug. 2, 2023.


Explore the February 2024 issue, highlighted by NASA reaching the halfway point for the Artemis Moon Rocket Engine Certification Series, NASA’s Day of Remembrance, and what fuels a NASA Stennis Test Operations Leader.

Man and young male student demonstrate how to sleep in space to a group of elementary students


Explore the March 2024 issue with highlights of Stennis Day at the Capitol; Artemis Moon Rocket Engine Testing; and coverage on the first-ever in-space mission for NASA Stennis.

a RS-25 hot fire is seen across the canal at NASA Stennis Test Complex


Explore the April 2024 issue, highlighted by NASA achieving a milestone for new Artemis Moon rocket engines, NASA and Stennis Leaders providing an annual update, and a reminder about the total solar eclipse on April 8.

Dr. Kamili Shaw interviews with WAPT reporter Troy Johnson at INFINITY Science Center


Explore the May 2024 issue, featuring NASA’s announcement of the new center director of NASA Stennis, participation in solar eclipse events by NASA Stennis and more!

Artemis I Snoopy is on display in the lobby of the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Jan. 5, 2023.


Explore the January 2023 issue featuring the following: Snoopy Returns from Artemis I Mission, Technicians Open Artemis I Orion Hatch for Post-Mission Processing, NASA’s Stennis Space Center Sets Sights on Active 2023, and much more!

After a 25-day flight beyond the Moon and back inside the Artemis I Orion crew module, two manikins undergo post-flight payload inspections inside the Space Station Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Jan. 11, 2023.


Explore the February 2023 issue featuring the following: Team Tests Unique Acoustics Mapping System at NASA Stennis, Orion Manikins Return from Artemis I Mission, NASA’s Day of Remembrance Honors Fallen Heroes, and much more!

Joe Schuyler, director of the Engineering and Test Directorate, engages the Artemis Generation


Explore the March 2023 issue featuring the following: NASA Stennis Inspires Capital City Youth, President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Strengthens NASA, Space Economy, Leaders Participate in Annual Stennis Day at the Capitol and much more!

Four astronauts in orange flight suits sit for a portrait


Explore the April 2023 issue featuring the following: NASA Names Astronauts to Next Moon Mission, First Crew Under Artemis and much more!

full duration hot fire of the RS-25 certification engine May 23 on the Fred Haise Test Stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


Explore the May 2023 issue featuring the following: NASA Tests Critical In-Flight Capability During Longest RS-25 Hot Fire to Date, NASA Stennis Welcomes Media for Site Tour and RS-25 Test, Exploring the Cosmos Together, 2022 NASA Stennis Honor Awards and much more!

NASA completed its penultimate hot fire June 15 in a key test series to certify production of new RS-25 engines for NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System) rocket that will help power future Artemis missions to the Moon and continue the agency’s efforts to explore the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all.


Explore the June 2023 issue featuring the following: ‘Homegrown’ Engineer Supports NASA Missions, Relativity Space Hits Key Testing Milestones at Stennis, Partners for Stennis Shines Light on Center, Honor Juneteenth and its Historic Legacy, Pride Month Highlights Stonewall Leaders and much more!

NASA conducts an RS-25 hot fire test on the Fred Haise Test Stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi on June 22, 2023.


Explore the July 2023 issue featuring the following: NASA Achieves Key Milestone for Production of Future Artemis Engines, NASA Rocket Flight Software for Artemis II Meets Testing Checkpoint, Employee Helps NASA Stennis Space Center Move Forward into the Future and much more!

Crews positioning the final refurbished miter gate into place on the lock system


Explore the August 2023 issue featuring: Crews Complete Successful Lock System Project on NASA Stennis Waterway, Crews Prepare for Exploration Upper Stage Testing with Lift Exercise, NASA Stennis Welcomes NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 Astronauts and much more!

Teams Install RS-25 Engine For Upcoming Hot Fire Series


Explore the September 2023 issue featuring: New Series Now Loading: Teams Install RS-25 Engine, NASA Stennis Inks Expanded Test Complex Agreement with Relativity Space, Education Program Specialist Highlights Journey from Louisiana HBCU to NASA, and much more! 

NASA instrumentation engineer Tristan Mooney prepares for an engine test


Explore the October 2023 issue to learn about the latest RS-25 test series and how data is collected, continued preparations for Exploration Upper Stage testing, and a new test area for future commercial use, along with much more.

Young attendees pose with four astronaut standees at Stennis Day in the Bay


Explore the November 2023 issue to learn about the framework for the future of NASA Stennis, the first RS-25 hot fire of the ongoing certification series, Stennis Day in the Bay, and much more!

Dawn Davis, chief of Technology Transfer at NASA Stennis, gives a NASA sticker to a young boy


Explore the December 2023 issue to learn about a major milestone NASA Stennis achieved, how two test conductors shared the stage on test day, along with the NASA Stennis Year-in-Review, and much more!

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a vapor cloud appears to glow during night engine test on the A-1 Test Stand